Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How to Deal With Faeces of Starlings and Pigeons

Pigeons on a roof.

Starlings and pigeons are called pest birds for a reason - they can do a lot of damage to properties and businesses, and even worse, they can lead to pretty serious diseases.

These types of birds multiply very fast, and once they find a place where they can nest it is very hard to root them out.

If you notice more than one or two starlings or pigeons on your property or business it is important to take steps immediately before their numbers increase and call in a pest exterminating service.

In case you are wondering what kind of damage they cause, these birds tend to leave droppings on roofs and other surfaces which will lead to the complete destruction or degradation of the buildings affected. These dropping can also cause diseases such as Salmonella, Ornithosis or parrot fever and more.

The best way to deal with the faeces of starlings and pigeons is to get rid of the birds themselves - if they are not there the droppings will not be either.

There are several things that you can do:
    Forbidden to feed the pigeons sign.
  • If you have a bird feeder it could be why the starlings and pigeons are hanging around in the first place. You can try using a restrictive feeder instead of your usual one. These feeders come with barriers of different types, such as mesh or small perches which make the birds uncomfortable. Less harmful birds will be able to feed as usual, but because starlings and pigeons are big they will not.
  • There are certain foods that attract pest birds. These include suet, kitchen scraps and cracked corn so make sure that you don't have these anywhere near your property. To feed less harmful birds you can try Nyjer, safflower seed, nectar and whole peanuts which starlings and pigeons don't like very much.
  • If you have fruit bearing trees you should consider having them covered with a net when they are in season. Any fruit that drops to the ground should be collected as soon as possible.
  • Prune trees to eliminate perches where these birds can nest.
What if you do all these things and the infestation persists?

The best thing to do is to call in professional pest control expert such as Avon Pest Control.

They are a Warwickshire pest extermination company that are highly experienced in getting rid of all kinds of pests and rodents, including starlings and pigeons.

They have all the necessary equipment to drive these birds away and make sure that they don't come back.

You can find out more on their website here: 

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Spring is coming, top prevention tips to avoid common UK pests.

ant eating

Spring is around the corner in Warwickshire and Yorkshire and many homes and businesses in Yorkshire are preparing for cleaning.

While it's great to remove unwanted and discarded items to make space, what about those spring pests that will soon be buzzing around your door?

At, Avon Pest Control, we offer the best spring pest prevention tips for new and existing home or business owners.

This includes preventing ant and termite infestations, while combating stinging insects, spiders and even rodents.

Remember, these critters love to congregate and procreate in warm and arid temperatures. With this in mind, the spring season usually sees a resurgence of pest activities and we at Avon Pest Control are always ready to help you rid your home or business of these spring pests.


Carpenter Ants


Carpenters ants are among the most common UK  spring pests during spring.

This family of insects love to forge for food and new shelters during the warmer months.

ant mound

They can also create massive ant mounds.
More, they tend to infiltrate your home or business.

With this in mind, Avon Pest Control can check any of your properties for any ant nests, while spraying the latest in pesticides.

We also remove ant tunnels going in and out of your home or business.

More, we block off these routes with bait and sticky pads.

stop ants sign

Pavement Ants


Pavement ants are usually found outside in garden and yard soils.

However, they can also enter properties searching for food and shelter.

These colonies tend to be large, and only Avon Pest Control has the tools and know-how or expertise to effectively treat - and rid - your properties of these common UK spring pests.

We also advise home and business owners to do the following:

•    Keep food containers closed at all times; cereal boxes, Tupperware, and more.
•    Keep food in the refrigerator in tightly sealed containers.
•    Remove food scraps, particles and crumbs from floors and counter-tops.
•    Relocate or remove any under boards, woods, or stones that ants can build nests on or under. This should be a vital part of any Warwickshire and Yorkshire home or business spring cleaning project.

wasp danger text mosaic

Wasps and Bees


The spring time also sees wasp, bee and hornet activities rise across Warwickshire and Yorkshire.

To prevent mudpacks, nests, and procreation - we can remove entire nests onsite.

loft with wasp nestAvon Pest Control also has the experience needed to spray your interiors and exteriors - which eliminate these dangerous critters onsite.

However, we work with bee control experts to safely remove any hives - since these insects are essential to pollination and honey production.

With Avon Pest Control's spring pest cleaning tips, you are sure to keep your homes free of these pets for months to come.

For more information, simply contact or visit:

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Friday, 19 January 2018

Sneezing and Coughing Spreads Diseases, So Do Mice...

Woman suffering from a cold.

Many Yorkshire residents will do whatever it takes to avoid catching a cold or flu during cold weather - they will dress warmly, stay away from sick people, take their vitamins and so on.

What they forget is that there are other ways to spread diseases - mice and rats.

When temperatures plummet mice, rats and rodents look for shelter for 2 reasons - warmth and food.

It is too cold for them to stay out there, and since food is hard to come by they get into homes for it.

While you are busy protecting yourself from a cold or flu you may have a budding mouse infestation that can lead to diseases in your Warwickshire or Yorkshire home or business.

The important thing is to know the signs of mice, rat and rodent infestation so that you can take steps right away:
    Mouse on kitchen pot trying to find food.
  • You will hear them in the ceiling late at night when all is quiet. They will be scurrying about trying to find their way to a food source.
  • You will see their droppings on the floor, in cupboards and drawers - they are dark brown little pellets.
  • There will be an ammonia smell in the air, much like the smell of urine. If the mice or rat infestation is severe you will notice what are called urine pillars. These are small mounds of fur, grease and urine.
  • You may see grease marks on walls where the mice brush up as they scurry about.
  • You may see the mice themselves, especially when there is food left out in the open.
  • You can test whether you do indeed have mice by sprinkling a thin layer of flour on the floor - in the morning there will be little footprints.
What can you do to prevent mice from getting into your home?

There are several steps that you can take. The first is to make sure that all food is kept away securely - the primary attraction for mice in homes or businesses is food. Make sure that all leftovers are kept in airtight containers in the fridge, and that the kitchen counter tops and floor are completely clean.

In addition to that you should seal all holes where mice and rats can come through.

Inspect your home to make sure that there are no entryways.

What if you find that you already have mice or rats in your home?

The best thing is to call in rat and mice pest control experts from a company like Avon Pest Control.

Their vermin and pest control services are reputable and effective and also affordable.

Avon Pest Control - rat and mice pest control experts.

 You can find out more on http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/pestControl/.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Rodents and your Building Site - What can be done?

All common rodents from the United Kingdom.

Rodents continue to be a growing problem across Warwickshire and Yorkshire and several more UK counties.

As Avon Pest Control, we have the tools and experience to eradicate vermin from all residential and commercial properties. This includes homes, along with offices and even new construction and building sites.

With timely and effective rats and mice pest control - we can avoid the spread of harmful diseases.

We can also stop potential attacks on humans via rats - with the latter known to carry rabies and other infectious diseases.

With cost-affordable vermin control services, we guarantee safe and rat-free properties for months and years to come. One phone call to 01926 632 929 or an e-mail from you is what we need from you to schedule a complimentary consultation and access to the best pest control services in Warwickshire.

A large construction site.

Rodents in Building Sites

Rodents tend to congregate in building sites for warmth and protection. These plots also offer rats and mice the perfect spots for breeding at alarming rates.

With new construction sites going up all across the UK, many sites may already have hidden, large colonies of rats and mice.

Rat Pest ControlThese rodents can truly disrupt construction by consistently running around in fear - along with
attacking workers they perceive as threats.

With this in mind, you need Avon Pest Control to examine your building sites for vermin and or rodent activity.

Here are some of the services Avon Pest Control offer to stop vermin and rodents from damaging your new building projects:
  • Complete site inspection for rat and mice activity - droppings, burrows, and breeding.
  • Placing large sticky pads and traps to capture and eliminate rats and mice onsite.
  • Placing bait across your building site - so rats can feed on it and spread it to their young and colonies. This results in maximum elimination of vermin and rodents across the board.
  • Checking and blocking certain areas of your building -where vermin use to enter and exit the premises.
  • Spraying or placing pesticides designed specifically to eradicate and stop rat and mice activities.
  • We also remove - in a very careful manner -any deceased rats, mice and their young.
Professional Vermin and Rodent Control Services

Avon Pest Control is a seasoned and reputable company with deep roots in the community.

From Warwickshire to Yorkshire and across the UK, we continue to provide the best, affordable pest and vermin control services in Warwickshire.

Whether for new construction sites, retail properties, or office spaces - we can prevent rats and mice from gaining a foothold in any commercial or residential space.

Avon Pest Control Services

Call us today on 01789 293 463.

For more information on rats and mice pest control, simply contact or visit us at:

Friday, 5 January 2018

Health Risk caused by Rats and Mice during Flooding

A mouse on a food container looking for left overs.
Avon Pest Control specialises in vermin and pest control services in Warwickshire.

With many years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to rid your home or business of rats and mice.

In fact, our rat and mice pest control services continue to receive excellent industry ratings and customer reviews.

As you know - or may not know - vermin and all kinds of rodents are attracted to open food containers and crumbs.

This is why it is crucial to close all your lids and Tupperware, which can prevent rats and mice from feeding and spreading harmful germs.

As your premier pest control services agency in Warwickshire and Yorkshire, we remain committed to excellence in stopping vermin and pests from infesting your properties and businesses.

What about Rats and Flooding?

The United Kingdom is known for its heavy rainfall and torrential downpours. In fact, 2017 saw record numbers of rain, precipitation and flooding. With this in mind, entire rat colonies have moved into residential - commercial buildings to escape damage caused by flood waters. These pets are excellent swimmers - and will swim great distances to find new homes. With most of the rat and mice burrows destroyed due to heavy rains this past year - we have seen an influx of rat and mice infestation across the UK. So much so that these pets are even entering properties through damaged pipe work, plumbing, and especially masonry cracks.

The Solution
Avon Pest Control Services - Warwickshire

At Avon Pest Control, we provide a comprehensive vermin and pest control service across the board.

This includes:
  • Detecting and removing entire rat and mice colonies from interior and exterior nesting places.
  • Using large sticky pads and traps to capture and eliminate rats and mice onsite.
  • Eradicating vermin from lofts, sheds, crawlspaces, basements, and even between Sheetrock and crevices.
  • Blocking off entrance - exit paths that rats and mice use to gain entry into your home or business.
  • Checking for rat and mice droppings - gnawed fences - ripped screens - and other susceptible areas of your property.
  • The latest in vermin pesticides, mice - rat bait, and even aerial sprays that eliminate rats and their young upon contact.
Professional Rat and Mice Pest Control Warwickshire service provider

Mice taking the bacon home.If your home has experienced flooding, do not wait for more problems to ensue.

Simply contact us today on 01926 632 929 and we will check your property and or business for any rat and mice activities.

As always, we guarantee the best pest control services and maintenance plans at cost-affordable rates in Warwickshire and Yorkshire.

For more information on rat and mice pest control services, simply contact us or visit:

Monday, 1 January 2018

How to Eradicate Ants from Your Home or Business

Ant colony entrance or mound.
Avon Pest Control is an industry leader in pest control services for all UK homes and businesses.

With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to stop insect infestation in all properties.

As your ant pest control specialists, we spray your homes and businesses in a timely and thorough way. This eradicates entire ant colonies - and their young - right onsite.

Our highly-dedicated technicians also remove ant mounds, while checking every nook and cranny of your home for multiple ant breeds and species. When it comes to timely and affordable pest control Warwickshire services, Avon Pest Control is the company you can rely on for everything.

Stop ants sign.Ants are a Growing Nuisance

It seems no matter how much you protect your garden and home - ant mounds keep returning. This is because these insects find food and shelter within your front yards, backyards, and interiors. They also congregate and breed in great numbers, while protecting their queens with fierce, swarming attacks. From black and red ants to soldiers and queens, we can easily eliminate these pests and critters from your homes and businesses. In fact, our guaranteed ant removal services include:
  • Complete insect inspection of all homes and business in Yorkshire and Warwickshire.
  • Placing large sticky pads at entrance and exits to catch ants searching for food and prey.
  • The latest in cutting-edge pesticides - sprays - aerials - that eliminate entire colonies from your interiors and exteriors.
  • Poisonous bait that ant consume then carry to their colonies for immediate eradication.
  • Blocking certain accessible and susceptible areas that ants use to enter your home or business. For example: garage door openings, door openings, and making sure you close all your empty food containers throughout the day and night.

Avon Pest Control Services - Warwickshire

Professional Pest Control Services in Warwickshire

At Avon Pest Control, we are committed to excellence in all pest control services. We also offer a range of discounts and specials for all new and returning customers.

Whether experiencing ant, cockroach, mosquito, bed bugs, or vermin and birds infestation - we guarantee the best pest control services in Warwickshire that cannot be beaten.

While other pest control companies only care about the dollar value, we are genuinely concerned about the health and safety of all our customers.

This is why we go above and beyond the call of duty to stop insect infestation at all levels. While we cannot guarantee that certain bugs will not return, we offer convenient maintenance programs that keep your homes and businesses pest-free all year round!

If you are tired of ants invading your home or office, help is just a phone call or e-mail away.

For more information, simply contact or visit us at: http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/pestControl

from The Team @ Avon Pest Control

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How to Eradicate Bed Bugs from Your Home or Business Fast

Bed Bug Anatomical drawing.

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests in homes and businesses. They travel easily - they can attach to anything - and once settle in they multiply fast.

To some people bed bugs may not be a big deal but the important thing to keep in mind is that the more their numbers grow the harder it is to sleep at night. Since they are nocturnal feeders they will wait for you to get into bed every night and then come out to bite, leave large red and itchy welts that can keep you awake and also uncomfortable during the day.

Bed Bug written on pillow.It is very important to deal with bed bugs as soon as you notice them in your home. You may see them crawling about in tight spaces or you may see evidence of their existence - they usually leave small, reddish brown stains on bedding or you may see their exoskeletons.

As soon as you notice them you should take action - the fact that you are seeing evidence of their presence means that there are more than a few.

Some people will tell you that so long as bed bug numbers are not overwhelming you can treat them with preparations sold in the shop.

While this may be true there is one problem - you will never know whether you got them all as well as their eggs - one bed bug can lay thousands of eggs at once and since these are hidden in tight, concealed places you can never be sure whether or not you have killed them.

You may spray or dust your home yourself only to have a resurgence of bed bugs a few weeks later resulting from hatching eggs.

The best thing to do is to call in professional bed bugs pest control experts.

Bed Bug DrawingThese are professionals who have the skill, experience and equipment to deal with any kind of bed bug infestation.

They usually come in as soon as you call, armed with everything to get rid of bed bugs for good, and they work fast so as to restore the home to normal.

They target not just the bed bugs themselves but also their eggs.

One of the best, located in Cambridgeshire, is Avon Pest Control.

They have been in the extermination business for many years and they have the necessary skills and experience to eliminate all bed bug infestations.

They are fast and discreet - your neighbors will never know that you had bed bugs, and they are also very professional.

Avon Pest Control Services - logo

Avon Pest Control  assures all their clients will airtight guarantees - if you still see bed bugs after they have left call them and they will come back and repeat the job for free.

You can find out more on their website, here: http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/pestControl/.