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Bats: The importance of nature’s pest controllers like insects and other kinds of bugs cause a lot of damage to crops and using insecticides can be dangerous to humans and the environment. Bats are natures Pest Controllers

However, there are pest controllers that exist in nature that are a great help to farmers and others who grow crops. One of these is the bat, which is nature’s only mammal that can fly.

Bats live in places like barns, caves, or attic spaces and some people even put up special bat houses to attract them so as to help get rid of pests around their home. You can buy these from local feed supply stores or from nature supply stores or online.

Bats are Beneficial to Humans

Some people see bats as a pest, but actually most bats are very beneficial. Bats will eat thousands of bugs and insects every night and especially love mosquitoes, which as most people know can carry dangerous diseases. They eat about one third of their body weight in insects every night. Bat are also known to eat things like moths, termites, ants, flies, stink bugs, assassin bugs, dragonflies and more.

Farmers should rejoice when they see bats, as it has been proven, for instance, that they are a cost saver, as well as saving the environment from contamination from insect poisons.  In one case, a farmer saved nearly a third of his crop from being destroyed by shuck worms because he put up lots of bat houses to attract the bats into his peach orchard.

Bats are capable of tracking their prey using sonar and some can move similar to a helicopter to hover and grab insects, while others dive onto their prey like jet bombers at high speeds.

Bats Drive Insects Out of the Area

Bats have also been known to cause insects and bugs to be frightened out of the area with their sonar. For instance, research shows that moth larvae recognize the sonar from bats and worms like cutworms, army worms and boll worms quickly leave the area if they hear bat sounds.
Another plus is that bats eat mostly the type of insects and other pests that are a threat to crops, not those that help farmers. This is due to the fact that many of the beneficial insects forage in the daytime when bats are sleeping, or they are scared away when they hear bat sonar.

Bats Get a Bad Rap   

Many people are scared of bats and relate them to things like vampires or rabies or think they will get tangled up in their hair. While it is true that bats can carry rabies, it isn’t true that all bats automatically should be killed due to this threat. Humans should not pick up a bat they find on the ground or in the home, but they are actually a very beneficial creature that farmers should encourage to live near them in order to control pests more naturally and not have to use as much or any insecticides.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bee Pest Control: Bee Swarms CalI For Various Measures

Bee Control from Avon Pest Control

Bee Swarms CalI For Various Measures

Honey bees are normally a very beneficial creature, as they are vital for the pollination of most of the world’s food supplies. However, during the early summertime, sometimes homeowners will have trouble with gathering swarms of bees that are trying to find a new home.

Bees normally form swarms when their original nest is overcrowded, there are too many bees in the original hive to support the food supply, there is disease in the original hive or when the hive gets too old and dirty. Once the bees have swarmed, many times the bee swarm will only stay in the area a day or two.

Getting Rid of Bee Swarms

If the homeowner calls an area bee keeper, then they can collect the bee swarm and use the bees in their hives. This is a good solution since bees are so vital to the environment. However, if there are no other options and the bees must be removed and destroyed, then there are measures that must be taken to ensure that it is done right and a pest control company is contacted.

First, bees should only be destroyed if they are a danger to the public and if they cannot be captured and re-homed by a bee expert. Or, alternately, the swarm can be chased away using smoke that doesn’t kill them. Sometimes the bees take up residence in an unused building or other area in which the homeowner and bees can live in harmony.

Treat Hives Properly and Safely

Plus, it should also be safe to treat the hive in regards to people and pets in the area. For instance, the entrance and exit to the hive or swarm must be blocked off or it won’t be possible to kill the bees. The owners of the building must be willing to allow the pest agencies to not only treat the hive, but to also remove the comb and honey, as otherwise it will only attract more bees to the area.

The comb is considered non-hazardous waste and must be properly disposed of. This must be done so that area beekeepers’ bees will be protected from getting into the poisonous honey and comb and killing off all of their bees.

Bee removal necessitates wearing gloves and being careful not to get stung, since some people are very allergic to bee stings. Deodorizing mixtures should also be used on the area where the hive or swarm was located to prevent the pheromones from attracting other bees such as creosote oil or the use of Jeyes fluid.

The bottom line is that bee swarms can occur and take up residence in residential areas in the summertime. These swarms are usually not a problem and will leave the area in two or three days if not bothered. However, if they must be removed, it should be done safely and only by experts to avoid untrained people from getting stung or otherwise injured.

Bees are a very beneficial insect and should be left alone if at all possible, but when not possible, leave bee removal to those who are professionals.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

A Company Preview of Avon Pest Control

Pest Control Services
Avon Pest Control

Pests like mice or bugs can ruin your day or even ruin your business! They can even make you or your family sick or damage and even destroy buildings. No one likes to find intrusive pests like mice or bugs in their home or office, so if this happens to you in the Warwickshire area, then you need to call Avon Pest Control.

This company is a registered member of the The National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) and United Kingdom Pest Controllers Organization (UKPCO), as well as having received training from agencies including the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Department of Environment, Farming and Rual Affairs (DEFRA), National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC), and the UK Pest Controllers Organization (UKPCO). This shows their dedication to being the best possible and most up to date pest control organisation in the entire area.

Avon Pest Control is Eco Friendly

Avon Pest Control is not only one of the area’s leading pest control businesses, they are also an environmentally friendly one as well. This means you won’t be endangering either your family or employees, plus you are helping to protect the earth too. The technicians at Avon Pest Control follow strict safety measures and follow all current rules and regulations regarding food safety and work place safety when getting rid of pests.

Pests Control Services Offered

Avon Pest Control can help you to get rid of several types of pests, including:

Additional Services Provided by Avon Pest Control

Avon Pest Control doesn’t just get rid of the immediate pest problem that you may be having, they also are available to provide methods to prevent pests from ever taking over your home or office, as well as giving advice on pest control, doing follow ups, and sealing off any entry or exit points that pests could be using.

They can also provide services such as cleaning up of a contaminated area, installing nets or anti-roosting wires to prevent birds, installing brush strips or baffle plates to prevent rats or mice, and installing wiring mesh to keep animals from getting inside your home or office. Any of these and more services are happily provided by the expert pest control technicians at Avon Pest Control.

The bottom line is that pests are bad for business and cause disease and embarrassment, so when you want to get rid of them fast and efficiently, get in touch with the expert technicians at Avon Pest Control for environmentally friendly service.  You can call them, send them an email message or go to their website.

For more information, go to the Avon Pest Control website at

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pest Control Services: What are the key characteristics you should look for in a top quality Pest Control Company?

You get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, turn on the kitchen light and suddenly you see a bunch of cockroaches skittering across the floor! ARGHH! It’s time to hire a Pest Control company, but how do you know which one to hire? Here are some of the key characteristics you should look for in a top quality Pest Control Company:

Knowing the Right Type of Treatment

A good pest control company will know exactly what kind of treatments to use to get rid of the specific pests invading your home. They won’t waste time trying several traps or poisons; they will get right to the point and tell you what will work the first time to get rid of the type of pests investing your house.

For instance, if you are having a cockroach problem, then most likely you will need to have poisons or roach traps put into areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Your pest control specialist will know the way to do this and won’t just spray everywhere without regards to safety or other factors.

Have the Right Tools for the Job

A good pest control company will also already have all the proper tools for completing the job correctly. Whether it requires drilling some holes in the foundation or vacuuming up the bugs or just placing some traps or spraying some poisons, the right company will not lack the proper tools.

Will Offer Guarantee on Services

A trustworthy pest control company will offer a money back guarantee on its services.  They will also be licensed, and will be willing to give you a free quote and inspection to find out what the extent of your pest problem is in your home. They will also know all of the rules and regulations regarding EPA and other existing governmental requirements for the area where you live so as to only used properly approved poisons or other pest control methods.

Will Answer Questions

A good pest control company will also be willing to answer a customer’s questions, such as if the poisons used are safe for pets or children, and be willing to give them complete information on all of the products used to rid the home of pests. They can also answer questions on the tools, techniques, etc. that are involved, as well as honestly explain things like the contract, any return visits that may be needed, or other factors regarding the pest removal process. Many times it is best if there is a second application of the poisons to get rid of pests and a reputable pest control company will do this as part of the original contract and not charge extra.

The bottom line is that pests are nasty and dirty and can cause things like disease, as well as do great damage to your home. If you are in need of getting rid of any sort of pest, be it roaches, termites, rats, etc., then you need to hire a reliable pest control company.

Monday, 11 March 2013

New Avon Pest Control Blog

A warm welcome to the new Avon Pest Control Blog. This online space will be used to share news, relevant information and any offers we are providing.

Brief Introduction:

We are one of Warwickshire’s leading Pest and Vermin control companies, we aim to provide a conscientious, efficient, environmentally-friendly solution to your pest problem.

At Avon Pest Control we provide a clear fixed price and guarantee as well as speedy response times and friendly service.

If you have any Pest Problem, need advice or just want to find out more about our services, please visit our new website: