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Bee Swarms CalI For Various Measures

Honey bees are normally a very beneficial creature, as they are vital for the pollination of most of the world’s food supplies. However, during the early summertime, sometimes homeowners will have trouble with gathering swarms of bees that are trying to find a new home.

Bees normally form swarms when their original nest is overcrowded, there are too many bees in the original hive to support the food supply, there is disease in the original hive or when the hive gets too old and dirty. Once the bees have swarmed, many times the bee swarm will only stay in the area a day or two.

Getting Rid of Bee Swarms

If the homeowner calls an area bee keeper, then they can collect the bee swarm and use the bees in their hives. This is a good solution since bees are so vital to the environment. However, if there are no other options and the bees must be removed and destroyed, then there are measures that must be taken to ensure that it is done right and a pest control company is contacted.

First, bees should only be destroyed if they are a danger to the public and if they cannot be captured and re-homed by a bee expert. Or, alternately, the swarm can be chased away using smoke that doesn’t kill them. Sometimes the bees take up residence in an unused building or other area in which the homeowner and bees can live in harmony.

Treat Hives Properly and Safely

Plus, it should also be safe to treat the hive in regards to people and pets in the area. For instance, the entrance and exit to the hive or swarm must be blocked off or it won’t be possible to kill the bees. The owners of the building must be willing to allow the pest agencies to not only treat the hive, but to also remove the comb and honey, as otherwise it will only attract more bees to the area.

The comb is considered non-hazardous waste and must be properly disposed of. This must be done so that area beekeepers’ bees will be protected from getting into the poisonous honey and comb and killing off all of their bees.

Bee removal necessitates wearing gloves and being careful not to get stung, since some people are very allergic to bee stings. Deodorizing mixtures should also be used on the area where the hive or swarm was located to prevent the pheromones from attracting other bees such as creosote oil or the use of Jeyes fluid.

The bottom line is that bee swarms can occur and take up residence in residential areas in the summertime. These swarms are usually not a problem and will leave the area in two or three days if not bothered. However, if they must be removed, it should be done safely and only by experts to avoid untrained people from getting stung or otherwise injured.

Bees are a very beneficial insect and should be left alone if at all possible, but when not possible, leave bee removal to those who are professionals.

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