Do you have a problem with May Bugs?

Do you have a problem with May Bugs?

The May bug or Cockchafer as it is otherwise known is a large, harmless beetle that appears in areas of the UK between the months of May and July. You will usually see them on warm evenings as they fly towards artificial light. If windows and doors are left open, they will fly into the house and although they don’t harm humans, they can be annoying. During the day, they can be observed feeding on leaves and crawling through grass which is where they lay their eggs.

The real danger of May bugs is the grubs that their eggs hatch into. These emerge under the soil and they feed on roots of turf. They have been known to destroy large sections of lawns, golf greens and bowling greens. If not taken care of as soon as a homeowner notices them, they can be very costly in terms of turf replacement. There is another danger brought on by cockchafer grubs; they attract rodents like badgers and even birds like crows which have to claw the ground to get to them. In the end, if not exterminated, the combinations of the grubs eating turf roots and clawing by small animals and birds can render extensive damage.

It is very important that you find a pest control company to take care of cockchafer infestations. Although some DIY websites recommend that homeowners can do it, it is almost impossible to get rid of all of the bugs and grubs without very specific quantities of chemicals and equipment. The pest control companies first spray the infested area with the chemicals and then irrigate the area so that the chemical seeps into the soil. The May bugs themselves will come in contact with the chemical when they go into the grass to lay more eggs. It seeps into the body and kills them. It is best to call the extermination company in late spring and early summer when both the May bugs and the grub are active. Depending on how mature the bugs are, you may have to do several treatments before you can get rid of all infestation.

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