Ways to Deal with Feral Pigeons in Warwickshire

Living with feral pigeons roosting on or around your house can be a major problem. In addition to their regular cooing noises driving you angry and having to take care of their droppings on your vehicle, home and property, pigeons are also common carriers of all kinds of health problems that are possibly dangerous, sometimes even life threatening to humans.

However, if you suffer from feral pigeons nesting anywhere on your Warwickshire property, you need to know that there are strict laws ruling their eradication and management or procedures.

In the U.K., feral pigeon pest management is controlled by Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 started by the Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs. Although this act is pretty long and quite confusing, all you have to realize is that it mainly puts the necessities regarding how pigeons together with other pests can be eliminated and/or killed.

Thus, to prevent any probable legal issues caused by your removing the pigeons, it will always be the suitable plan to work with a nearby pest control company in place of planning to do it yourself, because they doesn't only recognize the laws ruling the elimination, but also the proper techniques for eliminating them and protecting them from coming back.

Based on the place that the pigeons can be found and how many there are, the pest management company may perhaps attempt to trap them or maybe attempt to kill them all by making use of poison naturally while staying strictly in line with the legal requirements. Still, after removing every one of them, you almost certainly want to ensure they don't reappear.

One common procedure of pigeon prevention is the use of spikes to avoid them from arriving and nesting on the home, but it's usually also required to ensure the property is completely sealed up from the outside to avoid them from finding other spots to nest.

If you need advice about feral pigeons or would like assistance removing them from home, call Avon Pest Control on 01926 632 929 or click here to request a quote.

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