How can we deal with mice, do I need to buy a cat?

Is it true that in the UK you are never more than 6 ft away from a rat or a mouse?

Whether it is true or not, it is a fact that there are more than 100 million mice in the country. Although quite rare in homes they can be quite endemic once they establish themselves – they multiply at an amazing rate. So how do you best deal with them to remove them from your home?

Are cats effective or is there another way of dealing with mice?

The first thing that you need to do is figure out how they got in to begin with. You may spend a lot of time removing them only to find that they return in a month or so because you haven’t plugged their route into your home.
The next is to figure out how you want to deal with them. This is determined by how many of them there are. If they are a large population you will have to call in professional help.

However, most homes will have just a few mice. To kill them with poison can be tricky – they may die in spaces that you can’t reach and stink up your home. Poison presents another problem – the dead rat may be eaten by another animal and the poison could affect it. Traps are a better option but you have to be ready to deal with the dead rat once it’s caught.
Some people use live traps. While this is an ideal option, you have to take the mice more than 2 Km from your home otherwise they will just come back. You also have to be careful to release them far from residential and commercial buildings.

You can also buy electromagnetic devices that drive rats out.
If you look online you will find that people have all sorts of other clever ways of dealing with mice. One that many people say work is feeding the mice with cement.  However, we would recommned you call in a professional to help you deal with the problem. This will ensure you get a lasting result.
Use any of the methods recommended here are effective in dealing with rats and mice before they overrun your home.

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