How to deal with a mice infestation

When it comes to dealing with hornets, dealing with fleas, dealing with mice or dealing with any kind of infestation, the important thing is to go with a professional pest control company. Here are a few reasons why.


Professional pest control companies will be able to lay down traps suited specifically for the particular type of mice that you have infesting your house or other building. There are actually multiple different types of mice out there including field mice and others, so the type you have actually matters.

The pest control company will be able to figure out precisely what kind you have by looking at the droppings, through surveillance, and through other means.They will then be best suited to figuring out what sorts of traps will work, what sorts of bait will work the best, and so on. After all, if you try doing this yourself chances are pretty good that you’ll get it wrong because it’s easy to underestimate or overestimate the size of the traps you need or what you should bait them with if you don’t have the equipment or expertise to figure it out on your own.

For example, many people think that mice like cheese and so they might bait their traps with cheese. But the truth is that pest control companies will be able to identify the sorts of food products that the actual mice in the wild would want, such as peanut butter or grain. Mice in the wild don’t often get access to cheese or milk, after all.

Spraying and Other Procedures

While capturing individual mice can certainly help, professionals will often have more experience with the procedures needed to remove the problem entirely instead of going one mouse at a time. The key is to root them out at their source often by using sprays.

This is one of those things that’s difficult to handle by yourself while being entirely safe at the same time.

If you need advice about mice, rats, cluster flies and or bees or would like assistance removing them from your home, call Avon Pest Control on 01926 632 929 or click here to request a quote.

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