Racumin Pesticide (Rodenticide) Foam

It’s important to use a professional company to get rid of rats. Professional pest control companies will have experience dealing with hornets, dealing with fleas, dealing with rats, and dealing with many other types of pests. It’s important to check what type of experience a pest control company has before moving forward with them, however. Here are a few of the methods such companies might use.
New Foam Product

There’s a new foam product out there called Racumin Rodenticide Foam that’s specifically designed for helping you eliminate rats in your home. The idea is that it’s easy to apply and it specifically works based on the normal behavior of rats.
The grooming behavior of rats is how the product works to get rid of them. The advantage with the product is that it can be used in many areas in the house where it’s not normally possible to use other kinds of rat poison such as for baiting.
The fact that the product is non-bait is definitely an advantage that many pest control experts will use. It works especially well on the Norway rat, or House mice. The product only works indoors and its designed for use in the UK and Ireland.  Essentially pest control experts will place the material on areas where rats are known to walk up and down, or especially in places where they enter or exits such as known rat holes.
Essentially, all the experts have to do is put the material in a place where a rat will walk over it. Once it’s on their skin and fur, they will transfer it into their mouth themselves by washing their fur with their tongues. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting the rat to eat anything which can be difficult or at least, considerably more difficult than simply putting it in an area where the rats might walk by.

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