Thursday, 29 January 2015

Treatments to rid your house of rodents

It’s quite important to make sure that you pay attention to mice removal as quickly as possible since this could have a negative effect on not only your property, but also on your health and state of mind. Here’s a brief guide about the importance of dealing with a rodent infestation, including how pest control services tend to handle it. 
Dealing with Rodents
If you have a rodent problem, figuring out how to handle the rat removal or removal of other rodents is important because these creatures can burrow right through every part of your house by using their powerful incisor teeth.
They can put holes in just about anything given enough time, and they will just keep breeding and spawning more and more unless you stop them. They will also tend to get into all of the food in your house if you aren't careful, and even spread disease.
In general, a pest control service will try to locate the areas where mice enter your home and then seal them up so that no new rodents can enter. They will then seek to remove what has already occurred through various methods depending on what is appropriate for the situation.
Different poisons and traps work on different pests, so the key will be to identify which rodent you actually have living in your house. Some pest control services will be able to identify which pest it is based on what type of droppings are left behind so they can then formulate a strategy appropriate to the animal.
For example, once they have identified which rodent it is, they can then figure out which type of food would most appeal to the rodents so that they can use this type of food in order to bait traps, for example. 
They may also be able to have a better guess as to where rodents will be migrating through your house as well based on their particular knowledge of the identified rodent and what its habits tend to be.
The Importance of Professionals
The most important thing is to make sure that you go with a professional because they will have all of the knowledge, experience and tools to properly handle the situation without causing any undue damage to your house and without being a threat to anyone’s health. 
They will also know how to do everything as cheaply and quickly as possible without the need for any unnecessary extra hassle. It’s important to do your research properly and find the best service available in your area so you can be assured that they won’t fail.

How to prevent a woodlice infestation

Woodlice are harmless to human beings but they can cause significant damage to furniture and furnishings in the house. They are usually found outdoors but can also come indoors. Damp spots in the house usually tend to attract these pests and you may find them in areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, cracks or cervices in the walls and other places that are damp. How do you get rid of woodlice infestation?

Preventing and Eliminating Woodlice

If you are a home owner, the simplest thing that you can do to prevent infestation is to sweep all of them and put them away in a safe distance. Pesticide sprays are found to be most effective and you can choose chemical and natural products as per your individual preference. If you find nests of these pests, then a residual pesticide can be sprayed directly for woodlouse removal.

Bug powders are effective in dry areas. All that you need to do is to spray the powder and this compels the woodlice to crawl out and die. You can sweep them out of the house after this. Follow all precautions when you use insecticide sprays and bug powders.

The spaces between bathroom and kitchen fixtures need special attention as leaks can create damp spots and these can be ideal places for these pests. It is important that you fix the leak so that the damp spots are dried out completely. Use sealant if there are cracks in the furniture or walls.

One of the most effective ways to keep woodlice away from your house is keep garbage bins and decaying leaves at a safe distance from the house. These pests thrive on organic and vegetable waste and when they are eliminated, they may find it difficult to enter your home. Cleaning the gutters is also a good idea as this can help prevent debris to accumulate and attract the pests.

If you find the woodlice returning within a few days of eliminating them from the house, you can choose professional pest control as they may be able to eliminate the pests permanently. This helps prevent any further damage to the wood in the kitchen and bathroom. If you are allergic to bug sprays or insecticide powders that are used to eliminate them, it is significant to utilize the services of a pest removal company since they may be able to eliminate the pests by following all the necessary precautions.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How we deal with a woodlice infestation

A woodlice infestation is no small matter, and it’s important to bring in pest control as quickly as possible whenever you notice that this is a problem. Here’s a guide on why this is important and how pest control services will go about handling woodlice removal.
How to Get Rid of Woodlice
Woodlice are actually crustaceans, believe it or not, just like shrimp, lobsters and other types of crabs. They are the only type of crustacean that has moved all the way inland away from the ocean completely. 
The reason why it’s important to handle woodlice quickly is because they can multiply very quickly and if you don’t get a handle on them fast, they can quickly become so bad that it could take some very severe effort to get rid of them. 
Woodlice tend to like living in dark areas that are damp and have plenty of water. Any place that is dark and damp can have wood lice. If you’re trying to do it all on your own, the best approach is always to try and prevent woodlice from getting into your house in the first place.
One they are already there, it becomes more difficult. Generally, pest control services will first try to identify the places where they woodlice are living and breeding the most, which will almost always be in the darkest and dampest parts of your house.
Once these places are identified, steps are taken in order to decrease the dampness as much as possible in order to make it more difficult for the woodlice to continue to breed. 
Professional Service Advantages
While it’s true that you can remove dampness on your own, once the wood lice are already dug into an area, it may take professional grade sprays in order to get them out. This could include something like heavy duty Aerosol, or some other types of more natural sprays that won’t contain as many chemicals.

It’s also common to use powders to kill these lice, but professional grade services will have something better since powders often don’t stay dry in damp conditions in this is exactly where wood lice excel.

Wood lice tend to omit a strong odor as well which can also be a problem, and they tend to like eating rotting wood which can cause a lot of damage to a house.  This is exactly why it’s important to get in there with a professional service that has a lot of experience with wood lice in your particular area. They will be able to use this experience to eliminate the threat.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Prevention is better then removal

It’s a fact that the best pest control is the type that you don’t need to do in the first place. Prevention is always going to be easier than trying to deal with a hardcore infestation after it already happens.  There are a wide number of things that could infest your home and it so it’s important to take necessary precautions in order to make sure you stop anything before it becomes too strong for you to live in your house anymore. Here are a few ways to do this.

Pack Away Food

Regardless of what kind of infestation you have, whether it’s from rats, mice, cockroaches or birds, they are always going to be looking for food. This means that one of the primary ways to control infestations before they occur is to lock away all your food.

If possible you should put all of your food away in cabinets and other such areas in your house. You’re also going to want to put food that’s in any kind of packaging that can be burrowed into in a tupperware container instead.

This is the main way you can prevent infestations from happening. Animals that can't gind food will always move on elsewhere.

Patch Up Holes

Another important way to avoid an infestation before it happens is to make sure that you patch up any holes happening inside of your house before they become a major problem. This isn’t hard to do, but it does take some effort in order to get it right for sure. It takes a kind of vigilance to make sure that animals like birds can’t get into your house and cause a havoc.

With the case of cockroaches, these holes could be very small since they can flatten themselves to get into very small spaces easily. As a result, it’s important to be thorough.

Hire a Pest Control Company

However, ultimately the best kind of prevention is to get a pest control company to help stop infestations before they occur. This is the best possible approach you have to the situation and the important part is to make sure you get it all done early if at all possible.

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that an infestation can grow and grow and become practically completely unmanageable.

Pest control companies can help you with eliminating pests, but they can also help you with prevention as well. But this can only occur if you call them early enough, because the longer you wait the more of a potential problem you can have.

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Friday, 2 January 2015

How to prevent a rat infestation

Rat infestation can cause irreparable damages to UK homes and businesses. In fact, all it takes is two rats to breed an entire colony within a few weeks. Like other vermin, rats carry a myriad of harmful diseases. This includes rabies, which can result in severe health issues for both humans and pets. By nature, rats are considered nocturnal creatures. They also like to congregate in warm, humid, and arid areas. This is why rats hide out in dens, along with basements and especially crawlspaces. These critters and pests simply love to breed and feed on food that has been left out in the open. To prevent rats from destroying your property, professional pest control services are simply essential.

Pest Control Services

While you can take effective measures to keep rats away, nothing works better than pest control. With years of extensive industry experience, local specialists can help eliminate and mice and rat infestation. With cutting edge tools, area professionals also employ a range of tactics to trap and eradicate rats. This includes sticky pads, which limit rat mobility and prevent them from breeding and feeding. Vermin sprays and rat poison are also utilized to expedite desired results. With the latter, rats feed on poison and carry the unsuspecting treat back to their colonies.  Within a few days, the colony is destroyed and the rat problem solved. Area pest control companies also block entrance and exit routes for rats. If rat infestation is ruining your home or office, let the experts take care of it within time and budget.

Rat and Mice Behavior

Rats and mice are extremely clever creatures. In fact, they are the masters in hiding and deception. This is why they are so successful when it comes to infestation and colony expansion. If you are tired of seeing rats on your premises, UK pest control agencies will prevent these pets from gaining a further foothold. With industry leading techniques, they have the tools and expertise to stop rats in their tracks. While the UK continues to expand and grow, the rat population has been around for centuries. As a result, infestation is quite common across the nation. Still, you should never let rats or mice run amok in your home or property. These creatures will not leave your residence until they are forcibly removed or eliminated.

For more information on rat and mice control, contact your local UK pest service and removal company today.

If you need advice about mice, rats, cluster flies and or bees or would like assistance removing them from your home, call Avon Pest Control on 01926 632 929 or click here to request a quote.