How to prevent a woodlice infestation

Woodlice are harmless to human beings but they can cause significant damage to furniture and furnishings in the house. They are usually found outdoors but can also come indoors. Damp spots in the house usually tend to attract these pests and you may find them in areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, cracks or cervices in the walls and other places that are damp. How do you get rid of woodlice infestation?

Preventing and Eliminating Woodlice

If you are a home owner, the simplest thing that you can do to prevent infestation is to sweep all of them and put them away in a safe distance. Pesticide sprays are found to be most effective and you can choose chemical and natural products as per your individual preference. If you find nests of these pests, then a residual pesticide can be sprayed directly for woodlouse removal.

Bug powders are effective in dry areas. All that you need to do is to spray the powder and this compels the woodlice to crawl out and die. You can sweep them out of the house after this. Follow all precautions when you use insecticide sprays and bug powders.

The spaces between bathroom and kitchen fixtures need special attention as leaks can create damp spots and these can be ideal places for these pests. It is important that you fix the leak so that the damp spots are dried out completely. Use sealant if there are cracks in the furniture or walls.

One of the most effective ways to keep woodlice away from your house is keep garbage bins and decaying leaves at a safe distance from the house. These pests thrive on organic and vegetable waste and when they are eliminated, they may find it difficult to enter your home. Cleaning the gutters is also a good idea as this can help prevent debris to accumulate and attract the pests.

If you find the woodlice returning within a few days of eliminating them from the house, you can choose professional pest control as they may be able to eliminate the pests permanently. This helps prevent any further damage to the wood in the kitchen and bathroom. If you are allergic to bug sprays or insecticide powders that are used to eliminate them, it is significant to utilize the services of a pest removal company since they may be able to eliminate the pests by following all the necessary precautions.

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