Do you have sparrows nesting in your property

Many people enjoy seeing birds at a park or in the wild when they are on a nice walk and want to enjoy peace and nature. They are often imagined as a beautiful and lovely animal and that is true in most cases. However, birds like sparrows can turn from a beautiful animal observed in nature to becoming a nuisance on your home. If a sparrows nest suddenly appears on your home it can quickly turn into a big headache.

There are many sparrows in the wild in the United Kingdom today. Their growth has surged in recent years and they have populated quickly. This has caused them to seek areas to nest in that they hadn’t in the past. People living in cities and even in small villages are noticing an increase in sparrows in eaves and other places around the home. This is a nuisance for a variety of reasons.

Sparrows are quick to kill other birds in the area. This is a major concern for other native birds or naturally friendly birds that do not kill other birds for no reason. Sparrows are very territorial and will try and take over nests of other birds and even kill their young or eggs. This is a concerning issue for those that enjoy seeing blue birds or tree swallows in their neighborhoods. Sparrows do destroy the nests of these birds and take them over. Sparrows nesting are a big issue for all other types of bird species in an area due to their aggressive nature.

Sparrows in eaves are a huge concern for many people that want peace and quiet. Sparrows populate quickly so one small nest can quickly turn into several. The birds become loud and the chirping can become very annoying. They can also make a mess in the yard as they like to get into any foods outside or other bird nests. The large sparrows nests can also be a blight on the looks of a home especially when there may be several of them lined along the area.

If you have an issue with sparrows in eaves on your house you should consult with an experienced pest control company. You need to make sure that they have experience in dealing with these types of birds and know how to get rid of them properly. For more information on pest control services on your home you can call us by phone or visit us online at

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