Bees – Protection rather than Destruction is the Key

With summer upon us, insect and critter activity will be at an all time high. In fact, the scorching months will see a number of bee hives being formed on trees and even residential and commercial establishments. While not as “pesty” as hornets and wasps, bees are known to attack humans and pets if they feel in danger. This is especially true if their bee colony or hives are swatted or poked in any way. To prevent harmful and dangerous bee stings, simply contact Avon Pest Control. With years of extensive industry experience, this reputable and leading company has helped countless home and business owners with timely and affordable pest control services. From bee problems and hornets to wasps and vermin, they have the tools to effectively eliminate and eradicate these summertime pests.

Bee Control
Bee hives are considered a miracle of nature. We all know how intricate they are, as well as the benefits they provide in honey production and flower pollination. Rather than destroying these useful bee hives, Avon utilizes cutting edge techniques that protect bees rather than destroying them. If a hive is found on a tree lined street, this is simply an act of nature that cannot be prevented. For hives inside homes, businesses, or in backyards, however, it is imperative to remove them before disaster strikes. Avon has the knowledge to safely remove these hives from your properties in a timely and professional manner. They will also protect your loved ones and pets from stings and coming into contact with these pests.

Bee Hive Removal
Avon pest control experts have the skills to safely remove bee hives. They then contact local beekeepers to find a new home for these bee abodes. While bees are very alert, they especially hone in on unusual sounds and movements. This sends a signal across the hive that danger might be close. This is when bees swarm prey or even humans and deliver multiple stings that can be lethal. To prevent his from occurring, you need an experienced hand when removing a bee colony. Never try it yourself, and always contact Avon Pest Control if bee or other insect infestation is impacting your home or business.

Professional Pest Control Services

Avon is synonymous with professional and affordable pest control services. They have received stellar reviews over the years, and continue to help business and home owners with all bee problems and infestation issues. This includes mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, gnats, wasps, hornets, and even vermin. One phone call is all it takes to secure timely and effective services. Alternatively, have a look at the services they offer on their website

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