Help! I Have a Hornet Infestation

With summer rapidly approaching, the mosquito and critter season will be in full swing. This is sure to put a damper on any outdoor activities and events. This is especially true when it comes to hornets that send fear into the hearts of even the bravest of souls.  Hornets are not only menacing but very territorial. They also cause extensive damage to properties via mudpacks and hornet nests. While there are several hornet species, most keep to themselves unless danger is present. The latter, however, can include predators or humans simply working their backyards. In order to secure timely and effective hornet and pest control, you simply need an experienced hand. Avon Pest Control has years of extensive industry experience and offer professional hornet eradication and elimination services.

The Benefits of Avon Pest Control
Avon is a reputable pest control agency that has received stellar reviews over the year. They have helped countless residential and commercial property owners with their pest and insect problems. Like other nocturnal and daytime critters, hornets are attracted to sound and especially potential prey. They also carry dangerous stingers that easily immobilize prey upon contact. To effectively protect yourself and your loved ones, you need a dependable company like Avon to spray the interiors and exteriors of your home or business. They also knock down any hornet nests and packs, while implementing and utilizing cutting edge techniques that keep hornets at bay. With environmentally-friendly and cost-effective services, Avon can truly prevent infestation from ruining your summer.

Hornets and Wasps
As your leading pest control specialist, Avon offers free quotes and estimates for new and existing customers. From hornet infestation and vermin control to quarterly and yearly maintenance plans, they feature an extensive suite of services tailor made to meet your needs. Whether your property is under hornet or wasp attack, Avon has the tools and expertise to eradicate and eliminate these pests from your lives. Along with spraying infested areas, your pest control expert will effectively check all susceptible areas. This includes cracks in your bricks or foundation, along with the attic and basement. While hornets love hot, dry, arid, and humid areas, they are also attracted by cooler climates. As a result, your AC cooling system can draw in scores of hornets that can wreck havoc across your properties.

Timely and Professional Services
Don’t let hornets and pests ruin your summer. Simply contact Avon Pest Control of visit their website at for more information. You are guaranteed professional pest eradication services from start to finish!

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