Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Why you should deal with mice as soon as you have an inkling they're in your home

You have just seen a mouse in your Warwickshire home. Should you call in professionals to deal with it or is one mouse nothing to worry about? If you are thinking that it is nothing to worry about, you should know that this is how most mouse infestations start. A homeowner spots one and does nothing about it and soon, the house is overrun with them. There are several reasons why you have to take action as soon as you are aware of the slightest evidence of mice in your home:

•    The first and most important is the fact that mice cause disease. In fact, they are responsible for about 25 different diseases including heart problems. Not dealing with mice professionally as soon as you spot them or evidence of their existence is putting everyone at risk.

•    Mice are great destroyers of things. The will gnaw on wooden items; they eat through insulation and beware, if they get into your wardrobe they will eat your clothes.

•    Mice multiply so fast that they can number in the hundreds before you know it.

But how do you know you have mice? There are several telling signs that you have mice in the home. The first, of course, is if you actually see them. They are usually more confident at night and you can catch them if you put on the lights suddenly. The second sign that you may have mice is the amount of noise that they make. If you hear unusual noise at night especially in the higher areas of the house you most likely have mice in the home. The third sign is you will see their droppings.

Some people recommend that you take care of mice in your home with a liberal dose of rat poison. True, they will die, but you will have a bigger problem in your house. When you poison mice, they tend to crawl away to small, tight spaces and die there. Soon, there is an unbearable stench in the house.

The best way to take care of mice in your Warwickshire home is to call in a professional pest remover such as Avon Pest Control. They have all the necessary equipment to get the job done. They take all the mice away with them and they all block all points of entry so that you remain mice free in the future. You can find out more by calling them on 01789 293 463 or visiting their website,

Monday, 24 August 2015

Do you have mice in your house and not know where to start?

Mice are a health hazard; they are responsible for 25 different diseases including plague, rat bite fever, Hantavirus, heart problems and many more. In addition to that, mice are famous for chewing on and destroying both property and anything made of fabric. Unfortunately, mice are plentiful in the UK and they infiltrate homes every day. The problem is that they multiply so fast that if you don’t deal with them they soon take over the house. In some cases, they breed to the hundreds and are everywhere before you know it. That is why it is important to deal with mice as soon as possible.

There are some who will tell you that you can deal with a mouse infestation by yourself but the truth is that you cannot kill all of them unless you have professional equipment and the right chemicals. There are many who think that rat poison is the solution – after all, every mouse that eats it will die. It is true that rat poison kills mice but there is only one problem – they don’t die right away. They usually crawl into small, tight spaces where they then die and when they start to decompose a few days later the house will smell awful.

The best way to destroy mice is to call in professional pest control as soon as you see the first sign that there are mice in your home. There are certain advantages that come with hiring such a service. The first is that they will get all the mice out of your home and make sure that there are none left. The second is that the chemicals that they use tend to be less toxic to humans than the ones that are recommended for DIY. This is especially important if you have someone who suffers allergies in the home. Third, you get rid of mice in the long term because professional pest control companies usually find points of entrance into the home and close them.

One such company in Warwickshire is Avon Pest Control. We are experts in removing all kinds of pests and will get rid of your mouse infestation discreetly and fast – you don’t have to worry about your neighbours finding out that you are having an extermination done. You can find out more by calling us on 01789 293 463 or visiting our website,

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wasp Nest Treatments

Wasp Net Treatments
The summer months are a prime season for wasp activity and infestation. From Yellow jackets to hornets, wasps are dangerous and can certainly sting people and animals if they feel threatened. With years of extensive industry experience, Avon Pest Control specialises in wasp nest removal for residential and commercial properties. From leading pesticides to wasp nest treatments, they have the tools and expertise to prevent wasp infestation in your home and garages.

Professional Wasp Control
Most wasps travel in light packs and love to congregate in warm and arid areas. This is especially true when it comes to garage ceilings and other high areas where potential predators are not a threat. They form small nests with holes to breed and protect their young. Like bees, wasps mainly feed on smaller insects and various types of vegetation and pollen. This is why they are attracted to homes and offices with large gardens or yards. Wasps also possess venomous stings, which can be fatal for other insects, animals, and especially humans. In order to prevent wasp infestation and eliminate their nests, you need timely and affordable wasp control services from Avon.

The Avon Way
Avon Pest Control is a reputable company with years of pest and rodent control experience. They have received stellar reviews from customers, and continue to be heralded for their professional and effective services. When it comes to wasp nests or beehives, Avon employs strategic plans of action that effectively eliminate and eradicate these dwellings. The first step is to use pesticide to eliminate wasps and their young from the nests. Once the wasps have been eradicated, they will safely remove all nests and mudpacks from your property. They also spray the exteriors and interiors of your home or office to prevent recurring wasp issues and infestation. While this may sound easy, Avon pest control technicians utilize state of the art and cutting edge techniques to prevent infestation of all types.

Professional Pest Control
Professional wasp and pest control services are essential for any home or business. With summer upon us, the chances for infestation are high. This includes wasps, hornets, lizards, snakes, mosquitoes, rodents, and other nocturnal creatures. With professional pest control from Avon, you can ensure your property is safe and fully exterminated at every turn.  The last thing you need is for one of your loved ones to be attacked by a swarm of wasps.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, simply contact:

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Flea Treatments Available

Did you know that if you own a pet you can get a flea infestation in your home in a very short time? It happens without you having a clue – you take your dog to the park or just outside of your home, it meets another dog that has fleas and just like that, you are looking at fleas all over your home. Or your cat could meet a neighbourhood cat that has fleas. Fleas are very annoying because they leave painful bites. They will also leave your animal with skin problems that can eventually become weeping sores. The reason why you want to get flea infestation taken care of professionally right away is the way they breed.

First, you should know that the fleas on your pet are only 5% - the rest are all over your house. Secondly, there are only 5% of adult fleas around at any one time – the rest are still eggs that are waiting to hatch. These eggs are laid in the most difficult to reach places – they are in the weave of your carpet, your couch, your bedding, in your yard and so on. That is why most home flea treatments don’t work – it isn’t very easy to reach the eggs in all the places where they might possibly be. Also take into account that one female flea usually lays about 50 eggs a day. Just when you think you have them all others are laid to take their place. Most flea species thrive in the summer but there are some that do well in winter and during the other seasons.

Fortunately, if you live in Warwickshire there is flea control available with just one single phone call. You can call in Avon Pest Control who are experts in getting rid of all kinds of infestations including fleas. They have the necessary insecticides to get rid of fleas permanently. Before they get started, they thoroughly vacuum and clean every corner of your home. After that they apply the insecticide and make sure that all fleas and their eggs are dead before they leave.

They have invested in all of the latest equipment and their insecticides are all perfectly safe for both you and the environment. Their technicians are all highly trained and they are registered with the British Pest Control Association, the Royal Society for protection of Health and the have Certificate in Pest Control.

You can find out more by calling Avon Pest Control on 07748 155 235 or visiting their website,