Do you have mice in your house and not know where to start?

Mice are a health hazard; they are responsible for 25 different diseases including plague, rat bite fever, Hantavirus, heart problems and many more. In addition to that, mice are famous for chewing on and destroying both property and anything made of fabric. Unfortunately, mice are plentiful in the UK and they infiltrate homes every day. The problem is that they multiply so fast that if you don’t deal with them they soon take over the house. In some cases, they breed to the hundreds and are everywhere before you know it. That is why it is important to deal with mice as soon as possible.

There are some who will tell you that you can deal with a mouse infestation by yourself but the truth is that you cannot kill all of them unless you have professional equipment and the right chemicals. There are many who think that rat poison is the solution – after all, every mouse that eats it will die. It is true that rat poison kills mice but there is only one problem – they don’t die right away. They usually crawl into small, tight spaces where they then die and when they start to decompose a few days later the house will smell awful.

The best way to destroy mice is to call in professional pest control as soon as you see the first sign that there are mice in your home. There are certain advantages that come with hiring such a service. The first is that they will get all the mice out of your home and make sure that there are none left. The second is that the chemicals that they use tend to be less toxic to humans than the ones that are recommended for DIY. This is especially important if you have someone who suffers allergies in the home. Third, you get rid of mice in the long term because professional pest control companies usually find points of entrance into the home and close them.

One such company in Warwickshire is Avon Pest Control. We are experts in removing all kinds of pests and will get rid of your mouse infestation discreetly and fast – you don’t have to worry about your neighbours finding out that you are having an extermination done. You can find out more by calling us on 01789 293 463 or visiting our website,

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