Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Avon's fast and reliable service never fails

Dealing with pests is not always fun and to get rid of them fast is the better option. Get the best pest
control team out to make sure that you will not have trouble with pest problems again. The best people to get out helping you is Avon Pest Control. They are fast and reliable and have the experience that not everyone has. They have the right equipment dealing with pests and they will make sure that any home or business owner will be rid of pests for a long time. They are one of the best and leading pest control warwickshire companies and they can get rid of fleas, mice, cockroaches and even a swarm of hornets is no problem for them. They help home owners and business owners on a daily basis and their friendly team are always there to give advice on how to dealing with pests. They are seen as the best pest control team that you can have to help dealing with pests.  Get them out to give you a quote and to tell you what your pest problem situation is. They will give you best advice on how to deal with the pest problem that you have.

Pigeon Proofing Nets installed by Avon Pest Control © Avon Pest Control
No property is too small or big for them and the teams are certified to help with pest control. Pest infestations can cause health problems and even reduce your property’s value. Avon Pest Control will give you friendly service, speedy response time and a fixed price. All their pest control staff are qualified and the work they do comply with the health and safety and food safety legislation. They have the right treatment for the problem that you may have and the equipment to get rid of all types of pests. They have guaranteed services and they will answer any questions that you may have. Being certified, they know the rules and regulations of the EPA and they will use only the approved poisons that may be used in the area that you are in. They can be trusted to receive information from and they will have no problem to tell you how to live around the treated areas.

From Pigeon Proofing Buildings to removing common wasp nests, Avon Pest Control can take on both preventative and reactive jobs
Common Wasp Nest Removed by Avon Pest Control © Avon Pest Control
They will be able to tell you the dangers of the pests and how they can influence your life. If you are struggling with pests give Avon Pest Control a call on 01926 632929 or visit their website at www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk, for more information.

Fleas: easy to catch but easy to lose with the right help

The advantage that fleas have is that they are so small that it’s hard to see them with the unaided human eye half the time. You could potentially see them if you brought your head close enough to the area where they are, but how are you going to know to do that in the first place?
Fleas are often unnoticed. This is exactly why it’s so easy to catch the pests, and once you have them, getting rid of them on your own can be a real pain. They can colonise a home in no time, and then you’re stuck flea hunting from room to room. Fortunately, this isn't necessary if you get a little help. 
Eradicating Fleas
It’s this situation that Avon Pest Control was created to handle specifically. They can get rid of your flea problems with a surprising amount of speed and ease. Instead of wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out on your own, not to mention a lot of worry and aggravation, it makes a lot of sense to get a company like Avon to help you out instead. 
After all, they have all of the industrial strength treatments available to really get rid of your flea problem once and for all, definitively. The last thing you want to worry about is the fleas coming back to bother you over and over again so you have to add dealing with them to your list of things to do in a day once a week for all eternity. 
Instead, you should go with the company that has all of the experience and tools needed to catch and eradicate the pests. They will hunt the fleas down, killing them, and making it impossible for them to recolonize. 
Call Avon for Relief
Although it may be surprisingly easy to catch the fleas, it’s also surprisingly easy to get rid of them with the help of Avon. The Warwickshire pest control company has taken the process of removing fleas and brought it down to a science. They know exactly what to do given your particular situation and a survey of the area that you need eradicated. They can then adapt their tools and methods to your particular needs, giving consideration to whatever you need handled in terms of allergies or other specific considerations.
Call Avon Pest Control today to get rid of your flea problem without further adieu. You can also visit the Avon site and contact them that way as well http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/pestControl/fliesAndFleas/

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Don't let your pest problem get out of control call the experts now for help!

Insect infestations can happen at any time. No truer is this then when it comes to the scorching summer months. From rodents to termites, these common pests usually like to congregate in warm and arid areas. They also tend to breed at alarming rates, which can truly bring down the value of any residential or commercial property. If not tackled in a timely and professional manner, infestation can also cause a myriad of health issues for loved ones and employees. With pest control Warwickshire courtesy of AVON, you get timely and lasting pest control services across the board.

The Avon Difference
Avon is an industry leader in affordable pest control services for homes and offices. With years of extensive industry experience, they continue to eliminate and eradicate all species of pests. This includes cockroaches, along with mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, and rodents. They also offer affordable maintenance plans that guarantee infestation-free properties and venues. Even with the colder months not too far away, pests can still cause problems for property owners. No truer is this then when it comes to wasps and hornets, which have a tendency of building mud packs in and around garages. These are essentially breeding grounds for their young – and can result in stings to humans and animals if not removed by professional. Whether you need hornet nest treatment or hornet removal, the pest control experts at Avon will meet your needs within time and budget.

The Risks of Not Acting Fast
With any pest infestation, it is easier to tackle the problem in small numbers. Even the slightest form of infestation can result in irreparable harm and damage if not treated in a timely manner. According to Avon pest control experts, you can truly save money and time by acting fast. You can also save a lot of stress and panic, while preventing the pest problem from spiraling out of control. With the right tools, equipment, and certified experts, Avon is able to treat any pest problem. No matter how big or small the problem is, they employ strategic plans of action that eliminate pests and prevent recurring problems. The key to lasting results, however, is acting fast and preventing pests from taking over your properties and life.

If your property is experiencing pest problems or infestation, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Simply contact us at the link below for the best pest control services that are designed to last!


Thursday, 3 September 2015

What is the best way to tackle a hornet problem?

Hornets are a pest and becoming increasingly common in the UK, and getting rid of them can be problematic. The first thing to remember if you have a hornet nest on your property is to keep away from it, as these are aggressive creatures and can be dangerous. The second point is that you should never, under any circumstances, attempt to remove a hornets’ nest yourself; you will only make them even more aggressive and endanger yourself and others in the process.

Dealing with hornets is best left to the professionals, and for hornet control Warwickshire that means calling in the experts such as Avon Pest Control. Among their many services they provide a professional and effective hornet removal service that leaves you safe, unhurt and hornet free. They use the most up to date methods when dealing with hornets and the right equipment, and will undertake the job with a professional and courteous approach every time. You can rely on these experts to do the job quickly and efficiently, and at a competitive rate.

Hornets are bigger than wasps and potentially more dangerous, and there have been many around this year. Although they look similar they present a more problematic situation, and they build nests quickly, often close to homes and in sheds or outhouses. Never approach a hornet nest, and ensure that children are kept away from them. Some people can have allergic reactions, so if anyone is stung by a hornet you should seek medical attention right away, just to be on the safe side.

By engaging professionals such as Avon Pest Control to deal with hornet problems you are taking the best course of action. They know how to remove and dispose of the nest effectively, quickly and safely, and have plenty of experience across the years. With many satisfied customers in the Warwickshire area already having taken advantage of the hornet removal service they can guarantee you the best job.

If you are unlucky enough to find a hornet nest on your property or even close by you should take action right away, for they will become aggressive and are not reluctant to sting. For all you pest control and hornet nest solutions call Avon Pest Control now; they will send an expert to attend as quickly as possible and, in the meantime, remember to keep away from the nest and to make sure than nobody goes near the area until it has been safely removed.