Monday, 19 October 2015

We have a rat infestation in our house and its out of control! Avon are here to help

Unfortunately, rat infestation is a serious problem in houses all throughout the U.K. Here’s a bit of info on rat problems including what you can do about it.
Rats have been finding their way in homes in the U.K. for a long, long time. You wouldn’t believe how common it is to end up with the creatures living right under your nose. The issue is that once they get their way into a house, they can be very difficult to remove if you don’t know what you’re doing. 
The Importance of Removal
Leaving rats to just run through your house however they want to isn’t an especially good idea. They could get into everything, spoiling and stealing your food. They will leave droppings behind everywhere. They could largely and single-handedly destroy your home. You won’t be able to put off dealing with the problem forever, not without risking disease and house destruction among other problems. It’s best to handle this sooner rather than later if at all possible. 
Calling for Help
Fortunately, this is where we come in. We’re happy to help with Warwickshire pest control. We can come in and fix your problem quickly and easily. We know exactly how to find the rats in a house and exactly how to remove them so that they stay gone. Due to our experience in this field, we know how to do this with a minimal amount of difficulty and a minimal amount of expense and collateral damage. 
Our years of experience have prepared us for handling your issue and answering all of your questions. It really doesn’t matter how big and pervasive the problem is. We are confident that we can handle it absolutely no matter what. This is because we have access to methods that aren’t readily available to other people who aren’t professionals. 
It’s also due to the fact that we know exactly what to look for and have done this many times before. Our experience will guide us and help us to avoid the common mistakes of layman that can actually make the problem worse. For example, it’s common to kill some of the colony but not root out all of them which only leads to a re-infestation that could be stronger than ever before. 
At Avon Pest Control, we’re confident that this won’t happen. Call us today at our phone number or just visit us at our website and we will get started eradicating your pest problem as soon as possible. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

We have a mice infestation in our house and its out of control! Avon are here to help

Many homes end up having a mouse problem at some point and time. One of the best ways to control mice is to do so before they ever become a problem. Mice can so rapidly produce that many people are surprised at first. It is critical to take steps to prevent mice infestations and mice problems before they ever begin. Here are some steps:
Sanitation - Make sure that all food in the home is stored in containers and keep food contained to one area of the home so any mice that do get in will be confined and not spread throughout the house. Mice are nibblers and will eat food throughout the day and will chew on anything they can find.
Habitat -  You can make it harder for mice to get into your home by removing places for them to live near your home. Control weeds, leaves, and keep wood piles away from your home. When mice cannot breed outside they will be less likely to move into your home.
Trapping - At Avon we use snap traps to serve as indicators of mice activity and with suspected small infestations of only a few mice. Once the rodent populations gets much larger, it is difficult to rely on snap traps alone and sticky pads and other methods of trapping and baiting will have to be used.
Pesticide - Rodenticides will play a very important role in controlling populations for mice infestations.  Care must be taken to ensure that they are applied according to the label and that all chemicals are used out of reach of pets, children, and family members.
Legal- Always make sure that your wildlife control company has been properly licensed and insured and is up to date on all training and certifications. Licensing ensures that you are working with legitimate inspectors and pest controllers and that you can trust the person who is going to service your home.
Expiration- People generally wonder about smells and odors from expiring mice- most mice will live less than one years so in a bad infestation there are always mice dying in the home. Avon deals with many infestations each and every year and though many mice can die in a home there usually is not a bad smell unless a large number have suddenly died and are not cleaned up quickly enough.
It is best to control the population numbers as soon as possible before it gets out of hand, so call Avon Pest Control today and see why we are one of the top recommended Warwickshire pest control companies!