Christmas Means More Food in the House; More Food Could Mean More Mice too!

Christmas is a time when families get together to celebrate. There is no celebration that doesn’t involve a lot of food. When you have lots of people in the home there is a good chance that some food will end up on the floor or be left out. This is when mice get a chance to get into your home – they are attracted by the smell of leftovers or food particles on the floor. Mice are very problematic because of how fast they multiply. A few mice could sneak into your home during the Christmas season and by January or February, they could have become dozens – mice reproduce that fast. In many cases where rodent infestation is prevalent the homeowners will tell you that they tried different things but they didn’t work.

One of the most common methods that they use to kill mice is using rat poison. It is true that the mice that eat the poison will die but there is no guarantee that they will all eat the poison. In addition to that, when they crawl off and die in tight spaces they will cause a bad smell in your home for a long time and it's not always easy to locate where the mouse actually is. Some people try mouse traps but you need to buy lots of them and have lots of patience.

The best way to get rid of pest problems such as mice is to call in professionals such as Avon Pest Control. We are experts at removing mice nests and you can be sure that we will take care of the problem for you – we have done so for many homeowners over the years. Avon Pest Control comes as the preferred choice for several reasons:
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