How quickly do mice breed and what can we do to eradicate them for you before they become out of control?

Mice enter homes in a variety of ways and while some people find the cute and even adorable out in their natural element, when they get into homes and businesses, they can cause all sorts of problems. They get in through cracks and holes that may be in the walls, floors and foundations of any structure. Homeowners commonly do not think about the holes or gaps as problems but all too soon the mice have found a way in and major mice problems are the result. Because of the way their bodies are shaped, mice are able to fit through holes many think are far too small. Mice are expert climbers and can get in through gaps in doors and windows, pet doors, pipes, sewer drains, chimneys, and any number of other entry points.
When the temperatures start to fall and a chill sets in the air, mice infestations tend to begin to peek and homes get overrun by mice, typically in fall. After a colony of mice set up residence inside and find out how great warmth, food, and water can be, they rarely venture outside again. Mice infestation is a big problem because it takes no time at all for a small family of mice to become a very big family. Just 6 mice can become 60 mice in only 3 short months. Most mice reach full sexual maturity after a month so it’s easy to see how quickly a mice infestation can grow out-of-hand and become a serious health hazard and safety risk. They spread disease, cause illness, have germs, some can carry rabies, and mice fur, fleas, and droppings cause allergies. This is why it is so important to jump on a mice infestation because there are so many problems that they cause for the family that shares the home they decide to call their own. 
Prevention and active maintenance is the key to disrupt the cycle of mice reproduction. Avon Pest Control has the tools and equipment necessary to detect and treat mice infestations and many common mice problems. We will scout your home or place of business for entry access points and seal them. We will bait and trap to rid your home of live mice. We will place other controls such as poison and sticky pads in save hard to reach areas to trap the remaining mice. Will we do follow up checks to ensure no breeding mice remain. Do not take your mouse infestation lightly. Call in the experts. Call in the Warwickshire pest control experts- Avon Pest Control!

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