It’s Getting Colder outside So Keep an Eye out for Mice Seeking refuge in Your Home

Autumn is just turning into winter here in the UK and during these months mice infestations seem to be more common. What many people don’t realize is that mice are very much like people when it comes to cold weather – when temperatures drop they look for warm places to hide and what better place than your home? The problem with mice is how fast they multiply. What were just 2 or 3 mice a few weeks ago could suddenly become dozens of mice because they have a very short gestation period. Left unchecked, rodent infestations can easily take over your home.

Some people believe that they can take care of pest problems such as mice by themselves. There are many solutions which are marketed and which you can easily buy at your local pet store but the truth is that it is very hard to get rid of mice especially when they are in numbers. They hide in the darkest, smallest corners and it is rather hard to reach them. Rat poison does work but once the mice eat it, they crawl off and hide in dark corners and once they die there your house will stink of dead mice for months. You can use a rat trap but you would need lots of them if you were to clear out an infestation. The best solution is to call in a professional mice infestation removal company such as Avon Pest Control to help you get rid of mice nests.

Avon Pest Control has been helping homeowners deal with pests for many years. Once you call us we will come over to your home and in just a few hours your home will be free of mice. Many people prefer Avon pest Control because:
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