It doesn't take much for rats to enter your home so if they do, make sure you call the professionals to eradicate them

Professional Rat and Pest Control Services
Rat problems are very common in residential and commercial properties. In fact, even new homes and businesses can face rat infestation at anytime. While many people assume rats only congregate in trashy and dirt areas; this is simply not the case. Rats are attracted by leftover food in pantries, kitchens, and tables.  They can even sneak into any property via open doors, rooftops, and especially attics and basements. To keep this dangerous vermin out of your crawlspaces, you need expert rat control Warwickshire services. As an industry leader in pest and vermin control, Avon has the tools and expertise to effectively eliminate and eradicate these problems.

Stopping Rat Infestation
With years of extensive industry experience, Avon pest control can stop rat infestation across the board. This includes checking susceptible areas such as basements, crawlspaces, and attics. If rat droppings are found, traps and sticky pads will be placed at all entrances and exits. Certain rat pesticides will also be sprayed, along with innovative traps with poisonous cheese or food that attracts mice and vermin. Once consumed the rat will simply perish or go back and share the food with the rest of the pack. They too will also perish and the cleanup process will begin. While Avon works diligently to stop rats from gaining a foothold in any property, it is also up to the home owner and loved ones to do the following:
·         Make sure not to leave any food open on tables – place cereal and snacks in tight Tupperware or containers.
·         Close all cupboards tightly at night – never leave remnants of food on dishes or on dining tables.
·         Close all sugar and other canisters – never leave chips, cookies, or other food out in the open at anytime.
Following these simple rules and suggestions will prevent rats from invading your home or place of business. It will also keep them away from your attics and basements since rats have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to food from miles away.

Rat Traps and Pesticides
While traditional in nature, traps are the only real way to stop vermin from breeding. They also prevent these dangerous pests from congregating in warm and arid areas. This includes crevices in walls, along with drawers and shelves. If your property is facing rat infestation, it can lead to respiratory and other health issues for pets and loved ones. It can also lower your property value and affect other homes and businesses around you. For more information on stopping rats cold contact Avon today and get the results you deserve!

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