Squirrels coming out of hibernation could prove to be a problem for you

Squirrels are furry and cute animals that are simply adored by children and adults. From snacking on acorns to running up trees – squirrels are truly synonymous with Mother Nature at her finest. Sadly, many squirrels carry rabies and a whole host of other diseases. In fact, one bite can lead to a range of health issues and trips to the ER for humans and domesticated pets. If your property is experiencing squirrel problems or rodent infestation – Avon Pest Control is one phone call or e-mail away. With the latest in cutting-edge equipment and human/pet safety pesticides – we have the tools and expertise to rid any home or office of vermin and

The Avon Experience
Avon understands that any type of infestation can lower property values. From rodents and squirrels to raccoons – infestation can also lead to bites, scratches, and health issues for loved ones and pests. To prevent these pests from congregating in your yard or home, you need an experienced and reliable hand at your service. With spring not too far away, countless squirrels will come out of hibernation and create living niches and habitats in commercial and residential yards. This can become a huge issue if not treated in a timely and professional manner. With Avon pest control experts, all new and existing clients are guaranteed:
·         Professional and cost-affordable squirrel, pest, and rodent removal services – 24/7 emergency infestation services.
·         Traps – sticky pads – pesticides – poisonous food that lures and eliminates pests.
·         Human and pet friendly pesticide sprays and treatments.
·         Blocking entrance and exits for basements – crawlspaces – attics – susceptible areas.
·         Complete pest inspection services for homes, businesses, warehouses, and entertainment venues.
·         Networking with home insurance agencies to help owners save a bundle on treatments and upgrades.

Squirrels – A Growing Problem in Warwickshire
Warwickshire is a haven for countless families and businesses. With tree-lined streets and numerous sub-divisions, the area is blanketed by yards as far as the eye can see. This poses a problem since squirrels and rodents are attracted to spacious areas with trees, bushes, grass, and other vegetation. Not only do they find small insects in the soil to feed on – they also snack on acorns and most anything they can consume. If you truly want to protect your front or backyard this spring, contact the experts at Avon Pest Control today and they will take care of the rest!

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