If pigeons are proving to be less than welcome guests in your home, Avon Pest Control can help

If you live in Warwick and surrounding areas your may have seen one or two pigeons on your roof or on the ledge in your garden. They are not a problem when they are seen from afar; but what do you do when they come to your home to roost? It is not uncommon for homeowners in these areas to have pigeon infestations but the question you have to ask yourself is “how do I deal with these pests?”

First, they will make everything look unsightly because they defecate everywhere – it will not take long before your roof, your ledges and even your yard are covered in a smelly layer of white. Second, pigeon faeces are acidic so everything that it comes into contact with is ruined. It will also clog your gutters so that when it rains the water pools on your ceiling rather than flowing down to the ground. As if property damage is not enough, pigeons can make you seriously ill; they can transmit diseases such as meningitis and salmonella.

Maybe you are thinking that you only need shoo them away and problem solved. You are wrong – once pigeons have nested they will come back again and again. That is why you need professional pigeon removal. There are professional companies in the area that have the expertise and equipment necessary to deal with pigeons and make sure that they will never come back.

One of the best pigeon removal companies is Avon Pest Control. We have been doing it for homeowners in Warwick, Coventry and nearby areas for years so you can be sure that we will be able to help you too. In case you are worried that we will kill the pigeons, you will be happy to know that we use humane methods and better yet, we ensure that the birds don’t come back.

We will clean even clean up and decontaminate your previously pigeon infested area so that you don’t have to worry about diseases or mess. Avon Pest Control works fast and we are very professional. You can find out more on our website, http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/pestControl/pigeonsAndStarlings/ or by calling them on 07748 155 235.

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