Why you need to consider calling the experts if you think you have a pigeon problem

Pigeons tend to congregate in almost any big or small city. While they are not harmful by nature, pigeons are quite noisy and do leave a lot of mess. This can result in diseases, along with trash and pollution. In recent years, pigeons from the North have also invaded countless Southern cities. This has been deemed a scourge on society – since these nuisance birds are causing a lot of problems and headaches. If you are dealing with pigeon problems or other bird problems, Avon Pest Control is at your services. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools to safely remove these pests from your home or office.

Pigeon Infestation Problems
Pigeons tend to flock together for protection against predators. They also look for food together, which results in massive noise and feathers being spread all over the place. While pigeons are synonymous with big city landmarks – they also tend to congregate in homes and offices. No truer is this then when it comes to attics, which offer a sense of protection for pigeons. Like bats and raccoon, pigeons can cause a serious mess in attics, basements, and even crawlspaces. Some pigeons also carry certain diseases, as well as germs and other sicknesses. With Avon Pest Control, we have developed strategic plans of action to remove pigeons from your dwellings. This includes but is not limited to:

·         Checking access routes in attics and homes – safely leading pigeons to fly away and seal up these entrance – exit paths.
·         Removal of dead pigeons –nest removal.
·         Placement of traps – barriers – block up attics.
·         “Scare owl” figurines – repellents and light/sound deterrents.
While these are but a few ways Avon tackles pigeon control, it all depends on the severity of the issue. If only a few pigeons and nests are present – we can easily remove these at cost-affordable rates. In the event of massive infestation (like bats), human and pet-safe pesticides may be needed. Simply contact us to discuss your options and choices. As your premier pest control agency, we are committed to excellence in all pigeon, raccoon, vermin, and insect removal services. Our company is highly reputable and continues to receive stellar reviews and industry ratings.

Pigeon Droppings are Dangerous
Pigeon droppings in properties can be dangerous. In fact, they can cause fungal diseases in cats and dogs. They can also block downspouts – leading to costly repairs and maintenance. Avon Pest Control has the experience you need to handle all bird and pigeon problems. Call today!

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