Think your pet might have fleas? That may only be the tip of the iceberg

You have had a nagging feeling that the cat or dog in your Warwickshire home may have fleas but haven’t come round to confirming it yet; you keep putting it off because you have other more pressing matters. You shouldn’t! Fleas in pets are rather common but the problem is the rate at which they multiply – they can be in the thousands within a short time and they will not be confined to your pet – they will be all over your sofas, your carpet, your bedding and everywhere else in your home. Fleas cause diseases in both pets and people and if you don’t want to be dealing with complications from illness it is important that you take care of them right away.

When you look into flea removal online you will see that there are many websites that recommend DIY methods. Some of the ones that are known to work are a shower in apple cider vinegar or some brands of dish washing soap. The problem is that these methods will not deal with the thousands of fleas that are in your home. They will benefit your pet but you and your family is still at risk. The best way to get rid of flea problems is to call in professional exterminators. These are companies that have the right chemicals and equipment to get rid of fleas in your home once and for all.

Professional flea exterminators are very thorough; first, they examine your home to find out how big the infestation is so that they can know the best way of getting rid of the fleas.     After that, they will use the right pesticides to kill not only the fleas but also their eggs which will eventually hatch and bring in a new infestation. They also treat your pet with chemicals that are not harmful so that all fleas on him are gone. They may give you a shampoo to use on him in the future so that you can prevent fleas.

One of the best exterminators in Warwickshire is Avon Pest Control. They have a lot of years of experience n dealing with all kinds of infestations including fleas. They come to your home with the right equipment and chemicals and before long they will have returned both your home and your pet back to normal. (Be sure to take him to the vet because fleas can sometimes lead to tapeworms).

You can find out more about Avon Pest Control on their website,

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