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Pests can cause your life to be a nightmare if no action is taken.  It is at times tempting for any affected person to try eradicating the pest on their own but this is a big mistake. There is a need for a professional pest control company to take care of the problem. .

Who are Avon Pest Control?
Avon Pest Control is a registered company under the British Pest Control Association (BCPA). The company has technicians that have passed the qualifications of BPCA, National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) Pesticide Application (PA1 &, PA6), and Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH). We aim to provide a meticulous, efficient and environmentally friendly remedy to all pest issues.

What pest control services do we offer?
Flies are generally a nuisance and mostly carry pathogenic and disease organisms within their systems.  They are most common during the summer though some species will be found hibernating in the winter season.
Fleas mostly tend to be common among pet owners. There is a need to have a thorough vacuum cleaning of the house before any insecticide treatment is done.

Ants have a number of species and often move into any buildings easily. They are most common during early summers and hence the need for their control before the appearance of the mating swarms in late summer.
The bite of a bedbug can go unnoticed for two to three days making it hard to notice their infestation.  Their eradication too can be a bit difficult due to their tenaciousness, inhabitants and ability to go for long without food.

Cockroach pass along disease causing pathogens and of not taken care of they can cause great damage. Even with new and advanced methods of controlling them, they have continued to improve their defense mechanisms and hence their continued existence. Generally they can be prevented through cleanliness.

Pigeons are a health hazard due to their contamination of sensitive areas like window seals and ledges.  There is a need for effective anti-roosting remedies to prevent their further spread.
Starlings are more common during the spring when they are nurturing their young ones.  Use of galvanized wire mesh is before or after the birds have left is recommended.

Other pest control services offered by Avon are rats and mice, wasps and bee control. The service fees are affordable and the effects of the control methods last.  If you have any pest problem, contact Avon Pest Control and your problem will be resolved once and for all 

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