Maybugs: don't let them be a nuisance; call Avon Pest Control today!

Ahh, spring…what a lovely time of the year—what with the birds chirping, flowers blooming and those first glimpses of all the warm days to come. Of course, it's not all bluebells and roses, as spring also brings with it the return of many annoyances and nuisances, mostly in the form of insects, rodents and other pests.

Now is the time of year that those huge, nasty Maybugs start coming out and start swarming around the house in the evenings, constantly flying into open windows attracted by the inviting light. While they might be completely harmless, the size and look of them still means they're not necessarily something you'd want to invite into your home.

Unfortunately though, many people seem to think that there is really not much you can do about them, save from keeping all the windows tightly shut. However, this isn't the case, as the professional pest control experts at Avon Pest Control can help you nip your Maybug infestation in the bud.

The first step to controlling Maybug problems is to tackle them at their source, which isn't actually the adult beetles but the Maybug larvae. In fact, the larvae are often the bigger problem, as while the adults are completely harmless, the grubs can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. The reason being that the larvae feed on roots as they develop, often killing off huge swathes of lawn and any other plants they find to munch on. As well, while adult Maybugs only live for around six weeks, the larvae can spend up to three years in the ground slowly killing off things as they go.

For this reason, one of the main methods of Maybug control is to periodically treat the lawn and surrounding areas with pesticides to kill off any larvae. Of course, this obviously doesn't mean that some adults won't still fly around your property, as they can fly long distances in search of a mate. However, it can still cut down on them, as well as preserving your lawn and garden from damage.

In order to keep the adult Maybugs from becoming a nuisance in and around your home, Avon Pest Control can help by providing services like setting traps, spraying pesticides and other remedies that will definitely make your home a less desirable place for them to gather. So if you've been looking for a Warwickshire pest control company to take care of your Maybug problems, why not visit our website or give us a call to see what Avon Pest Control can do for you

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