Spring is here...and unfortunately so are the pests thanks to the warmer weather

We all love the Warwickshire spring but let’s face it – it is the season that brings all the bugs to life. Since you don’t want your home overrun by these tiny creatures you should call Avon Pest Control Ltd. – we are the best exterminators in the area. There are several reasons why we have an excellent reputation:

•    The first is that we are very effective. Whether you are dealing with ants, flies, wasps, bees or even bedbugs you can be sure that Avon Pest Control will leave your home bug free.

•    Many people worry that the chemicals that exterminators use are harmful to the environment. If you hire Avon Pest Control you don’t have to worry about that as we only use chemicals that are safe for the environment.

•    It is very important that exterminators be discreet – you don’t want the neighbours knowing that you have bugs in your home. Avon Pest Control will get in and out without your neighbours knowing we are there because our vans are unmarked.

•    Our technicians are all properly trained and the company is a member of the British pest Control Association as well as the Royal Society for Protection of Health. In addition to getting proper training our technicians attend industry events so that they can stay up to date with new developments.

•    We are also very professional; we will come to your home as soon as you call us and we work fast and efficiently.

•    Avon Pest Control will not just get rid of bugs in homes; we also work on offices, retail and leisure facilities and commercial buildings. You can also hire us if you want to get rid of birds and rodents.

•    Avon Pest Control are not just about getting rid of pests; we also make sure that we block any areas where they may be coming in through. Before we leave we will give you tips and tricks on how to keep your home bug free.

Don’t let your home get filled with bugs when Avon Pest Control can so easily and affordably take care of the problem. Visit our website, http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/ and get a free quote today. You can also call us on 01926 632 929.

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