Summer is approaching and so are the ants

The summer months are fast approaching and if you are a Warwickshire resident you know what else comes with summer – all kinds of ants. Ants are fine if you notice just one or two but the problem is that when they come in the hot months they come in numbers. They will get into your home because it is too hot for them outside – they are looking for somewhere cool to be just like you are. In addition to that, there are more ants than usual during Warwickshire summers because the warmth allows them to multiply fast.

Ant nests in or near your home are definitely going to be a problem. For one, there are some ants that are famous for destroying property – they will chew through wood in just a few weeks and leave you with lots of damage to repair. In addition to that ants will go at food in your kitchen and pantry and render it inedible. Even worse, there are ants that attack humans and pets and you may find your family at risk. That is why it is important to deal with ant colony problems as soon as you notice them.

You will know that you have an ant infestation when you notice more than a few of them around. They usually stay together in clusters and move on the ground in long lines, usually to and from their nest in the ground. You may also notice wood damage on your property or see ants where you store food.

So what is the best way of dealing with ant nests? You may have seen that there are many commercial options available in the supermarket – they are usually in powder or spray form and but the problem with these is that although they may work when you have a few ants they will not work when you have an ant infestation. You see, to kill ant infestations you have to get to the nest and kill their queen.

The best way to get rid of ant nests is to call in professional Warwickshire pest exterminators such as Avon Pest Control. They have the necessary equipment and chemicals to get rid of ants completely in your home. All the chemicals that they use are safe for humans and pets and they are also fast and efficient. You can find out more on their website,

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