Friday, 28 October 2016

Why rats and mice are a much bigger problem than you might think

Avon Pest Control is an industry leader in rodent and vermin eradication services. With years of extensive industry experience, we have helped eliminate rats and mice from a number of Warwickshire commercial and residential establishments. If you are experiencing rodent infestation, you need the experts at Avon to effectively secure timely rat control services. Not only do we block off entrance and exit routes for rodents, we place sticky and bait traps to completely remove rat and mice colonies in your home or office. As your rodent control Warwickshire experts, we are committed to excellence in all pest control services. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation and free estimate.

The Avon Pest Control Difference

Even in the most pest proof homes and properties, mice infestation can still occur. In fact, rats have a way to congregate in warm and arid areas , which results in fast breeding and infestation that can cause a range of health issues for loved ones and domesticated pets. Rats and mice also carry rabies and other infectious diseases, which can be transferred to humans and domesticated pets via bites. Their droppings are equally unsanitary, and can result in mite and tick infestation as well. With this in mind, Avon Pest Control completely analyzes and assesses your rodent infestation with true tact and precision. We check home foundations, basements, crawlspaces, and entire structures (interiors and exteriors) for signs of mice and rat infestation. This includes gnawed pieces of wood and fencing, which is a sure sign that these critters have invaded your home or business.

Professional Mice and Rat Control

Avon is committed to excellence in all rat and mice control services. In fact, we truly go those extra miles to make sure infestation does not occur again.  While we will do everything in our power to rid your home of rats, mice, and other pests – there are ways you can prevent infestation from happening as well. This includes not leaving any open food containers, crumbs, or debris on countertops or cabinets. Mice and rats are attracted by open food – and can seriously contaminate your snacks with their saliva and droppings. The same also goes for cereal boxes and other foods that are left out in the open. If you value your health and that of your loved ones, simply keep all containers sealed and we will handle all the rest. Also, let us know if you hear scratching, gnawing, or other unusual sounds throughout the day or night. This is definitely a sign that your property is experiencing  a rodent problem.

For more information on professional rodent and vermin pest control services, simply visit our site or contact us today and get the results you deserve!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

What are the tell tale signs that I have a rodent problem?

Rats and mice are some of the most common rodents around the home. Populations can increase quickly because they reproduce very rapidly. Rodents carry various diseases and can cause damage to your home by chewing on the electrical wiring. Rodents can enter your home through voids and gaps. Mice can actually fit through an opening as small as a dime whereas rats can enter an opening as small as a quarter. While this is a common problem, many home owners who do have a rodent problem are unaware of it. Below is a list of tell-tale signs that you have a rodent problem and need professional help to fix it. 

Tell-Tale Signs of a Rodent Problem
·         Nibbled Boxes and Containers 
·         Holes in walls
·         Rat and Mice Droppings 
·         Scratching Sounds 
Holes in Walls
Once rodents infest your home they look for area's in which they can reside and hide within walls. Once they take up residence in these areas they chew a hole through the wall to enable them to get out and scavenge for food. 
Rat and Mice Droppings 
Droppings are one of the most reliable signs of rodent infestation. They can be found almost anywhere around the home including cabinets, attics, and around pet food dishes. Mouse droppings are typically smaller than rat droppings so its important to get a positive identification. If you are unsure you can always call Avon Pest Control and we will assess whether there is a problem that needs to be fixed. 
Scratching Sounds
One of the most common ways people first realize that they have a rodent problem is that they hear scratching noises at night while in bed. The dead silence of night is when the sounds are easiest to hear and produce a very distinct sound. 
Nibbled Boxes and Containers 
Also, look for teeth marks in boxes and containers. Plastic bags with food are also bad because rodents can chew right through them. If you do not have pets, nibbled boxes and containers, especially ones containing food are a dead give-away that you have a rodent population in your home. 

How to Identify and Prevent the Problem from Getting Out of Control 

The best prevention technique is to prevent the rats, mice, and other rodents from entering your home in the first place. Some of the places that you can look that are common entry points are around plumbing penetration, doorways, garage doors, vents, and around attics. If you do find voids or gaps between these items you can fill them with steel wool. Steel wool works great because rodents cannot chew through it. Because populations of rodents can increase so quickly it's best to have a pest professional help you if you suspect you have a rodent infestation. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here at Avon Pest Control,

Don’t let rats and mice destroy your home, call Avon Pest Control today

Rat problems are common and as a homeowner you have to be very careful – once rats establish themselves they do a lot of damage. When many people think of rat infestations they think of them as rodents that will run around the home and steal food. While this is true, there is something you should be more worried about – rats will eat through any wood structure including any that may be part of your home. In the long run you may end up spending thousands of pounds on property repairs. There are several signs that will help you know that you have rodent problems. You may hear them scurrying about in the ceiling in the night when everything is quiet. You may also find rat droppings in the morning – they look like tiny, black pellets. You may also find that food that isn’t kept away properly has been eaten. When their numbers are really high you will see one from time to time. You may also find that they have eaten through furniture.

The important thing to do when you suspect that you have a rodent infestation is to get rid of them immediately – they multiply rather fast and in a few months what was just a couple of mice have become dozens. Some home owners believe that rat poison will do the trick. The truth is that while they may die from eating it, the problem is that they die in hard to reach places all around your property. Sooner or later the smell of decomposition will settle in your home. Rat traps are not the solution either – you will not be able to get rid of more than one rat at a time. The best way to get rid of a rat infestation is to call in a professional exterminator. They have the tools and chemicals necessary to make sure that they get every last rat. They also get rid of their nests, something you may not be able to do yourself. The best thing is that they block all the little entrances that allowed rats to get into your home in the first place.

One such company is Avon Pest Control. Our rat extermination services are available in Leamington Spa, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Kenilworth, Warwick, Coventry & surrounding areas. We have all the right equipment and the chemicals that they use are environmentally friendly. Once we kill the rats they take them away so that you don’t have to deal with them. We are also quick and discreet – your neighbours will never know that you have exterminators come to your home. You can find out more on our website,

Monday, 10 October 2016

If you suspect you have a rat infestation at home, don’t hesitate, call the professionals straight away

Rodents can truly cause a range of problems for home and business owners. In fact, they carry and spread a number of diseases with their droppings and saliva. The latter is particularly true when they rummage through open food containers and crumbs left on shelves and countertops. Rats and mice can also bite humans, as well as domesticated pets in any residential or commercial establishment. With this in mind, you need professional and affordable rat control by the best in the business. At Avon Pest Control, we specialise in ridding any property of mice infestation. As your rodent control Warwickshire experts, we have successfully tackled and removed countless vermin colonies and infestation from many area homes and businesses.

Why Avon Pest Control?

Avon Pest Control is a true industry leader in rat and mice infestation control services. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to safely and efficiently remove rodents from every corner of your property. This is done via pesticides, along with sticky and baits traps which eliminate entire colonies. We also check all signs of infestation, including vermin droppings and gnaw bites at window screens, fences, and especially gates and wood. As always, we will block off these access routes, while spraying in basements, crawlspaces, cupboards, and other warm and arid areas where rats love to congregate and breed. In a nutshell, Avon is your premier pest control agency and we continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews across the UK.

Rat and Mice Control Professionals

There is nothing pleasant about rodentinfestation in any property. In fact, these critters can spread diseases and truly bring down the value of your home and business. No truer is this then when breeding takes place, which can make it difficult to control without the services of an expert. Rats can also grow in size and are known to attack domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, and even rabbits. With this in mind, you must protect your property, as well as the health of your loved ones and domesticated pets. We offer complimentary consultations, free quotes, and estimates on all pest control services for your convenience. We are fully certified, insured, and have deep roots in the community. This is why so many home, property, business and retail owners prefer our services to that of other pest control agencies in the area. If you are tired of hearing things that go bump in the night, contact us today and get the professional rat and mice control services at cost-affordable rates.

For more information on professional rodent and vermin pest control services, simply visit our site or contact us today and get the results you deserve!