Why rats and mice are a much bigger problem than you might think

Avon Pest Control is an industry leader in rodent and vermin eradication services. With years of extensive industry experience, we have helped eliminate rats and mice from a number of Warwickshire commercial and residential establishments. If you are experiencing rodent infestation, you need the experts at Avon to effectively secure timely rat control services. Not only do we block off entrance and exit routes for rodents, we place sticky and bait traps to completely remove rat and mice colonies in your home or office. As your rodent control Warwickshire experts, we are committed to excellence in all pest control services. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation and free estimate.

The Avon Pest Control Difference

Even in the most pest proof homes and properties, mice infestation can still occur. In fact, rats have a way to congregate in warm and arid areas , which results in fast breeding and infestation that can cause a range of health issues for loved ones and domesticated pets. Rats and mice also carry rabies and other infectious diseases, which can be transferred to humans and domesticated pets via bites. Their droppings are equally unsanitary, and can result in mite and tick infestation as well. With this in mind, Avon Pest Control completely analyzes and assesses your rodent infestation with true tact and precision. We check home foundations, basements, crawlspaces, and entire structures (interiors and exteriors) for signs of mice and rat infestation. This includes gnawed pieces of wood and fencing, which is a sure sign that these critters have invaded your home or business.

Professional Mice and Rat Control

Avon is committed to excellence in all rat and mice control services. In fact, we truly go those extra miles to make sure infestation does not occur again.  While we will do everything in our power to rid your home of rats, mice, and other pests – there are ways you can prevent infestation from happening as well. This includes not leaving any open food containers, crumbs, or debris on countertops or cabinets. Mice and rats are attracted by open food – and can seriously contaminate your snacks with their saliva and droppings. The same also goes for cereal boxes and other foods that are left out in the open. If you value your health and that of your loved ones, simply keep all containers sealed and we will handle all the rest. Also, let us know if you hear scratching, gnawing, or other unusual sounds throughout the day or night. This is definitely a sign that your property is experiencing  a rodent problem.

For more information on professional rodent and vermin pest control services, simply visit our site or contact us today and get the results you deserve!


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