Friday, 30 December 2016

If you have noticed more flies in your home lately, you could have a pest problem

Flies are not an everyday occurrence in the winter months which means that if you see them in your home you should get worried. All cluster flies gravitate towards a food source. If you are seeing them around it is because there is something that they are feeding on in your home. Could it be that you are leaving food around? If, for instance, you leave milk or meat uncovered on the kitchen counter you will find flies feasting on them. Once you remove the food items they should go away but if you notice a permanent problem it means that they have a food source that you don’t know about.

It is important to deal with cluster fly problems as soon as you notice them – flies are unsanitary and they carry disease. You should do this by calling in a professional pest control company. They have the necessary experience, equipment and chemicals to get rid of every last fly in your home. They will also do one other very important thing – they will find out what the flies are feeding on and get rid of it. They will also look for any holes that flies may be using to come in and block it in order to get rid of the infestation for good.

One company that stands out at doing this kind of company is Avon pest Control. They are based in Warwickshire but they work in surrounding areas as well. You can be sure that by calling them in you are getting rid of the cluster fly problem in your home for good. Their process is simple. As soon as you call them they will be on their way. They will get into your home discreetly – your neighbours do not need to know that you have a fly infestation. They will then deal with the problem and once they are done they are going to give you tips on what you can do to make sure that you don’t get another infestation in the future.

All the employees are well trained in extermination and very professional. They also are very pleasant and courteous and they work fast so that you can have your home back. In other words, it will be like you never had an infestation of cluster flies in the first place.

In case you are wondering, Avon Pest Control charge very fair prices. Considering that they get rid of the problem for good you can be sure that you are getting value for your money.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Leaving Christmas food out attracts pests - here are some of the tell tale signs you may have a pest problem

Christmas is a time for your family to get together. The only problem is that when families come together to enjoy food they tend to leave a mess behind – people will leave food uncovered on the counter, they will drop it on the floor, leave dirty dishes behind and so on. This is a great opportunity for pests to invade your home because they will be getting 2 things; the first is that food that is all over the house and the second is reprieve from the cold weather outside. It is up to you to know the tell-tale signs that you have a pest problem so that you can get ahead of it before you have an infestation.

The first sign you may see is their excrement – as they eat they leave it behind on countertops, the floor, in and around the sink and so on. It looks like little black beads and you will mostly see it in the morning – pests prefer to forage at night. The other sign is food that has been nibbled on – if you have a developing rat problem you will find food remains that have teeth marks on them. The other sign is the pests themselves – you may find flies or ants in your kitchen and other parts of your home.

So what should you do immediately you see signs that there are pests in your home? It is very important that you act right away. The problem with pests is how fast they multiply. In no time at all what was a dozen little creatures could swell into hundreds. Remember they have everything that they need to breed – you are giving them food and a warm place to stay. The best thing to do is call in a professional Warwickshire pest control company to take care of things right away. These are companies that have the necessary expertise and experience to get rid of pests. One that comes highly recommended is Avon Pest Control.

Avon Pest Control has been helping residents of Warwickshire and surrounding areas get rid of pests for many years. They have the equipment and chemicals that are needed to take care of nests of all sizes. They deal with all kinds of pests including rodents so you can be sure that they will be thorough. In addition to that they are discreet – they know that it can be embarrassing for your neighbours to know that they have an infestation so they aim to get in and out of your home without a fuss. They are all very professional and highly trained.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ensure your home is rid of any pests before Christmas

A colorful event or occasion can be ruined by the presence of a pest or an invasion of several parasites. Christmas is a season that everyone is always anticipating to spend time with their friends and loved ones.  It is important that you, therefore, seek the services of a professional pest control service provider early enough when you discover the onset of pests in your home, to avoid being embarrassed in front of your guests.

Avon Pest Control offers environmentally friendly pest control services that are reliable and efficient. The company is one of the leading pest control companies in Warwickshire and aims to provide effective and environmentally friendly pest and vermin control services with a speedy response. We are a certified company by the British Pest Control Association, and our technicians are also certified by various pest control bodies. These experts comply with all health and safety and relevant food safety legislation requirements. All these qualities make them a good pest control company that you can rely on.

Some of the pests that Avon Pest Control Company deals with include the following:

Rodents have over the years been considered as a challenge globally especially in line with the food supply as they consume an annual percentage of five.
Mice are very swift and easily penetrate through small cracks. They can easily move through any openings despite the size whenever in search of food and shelter. Their presence can be identified through noise and droppings.

Rats can gnaw and get into buildings and contaminate things with their urine, droppings, as well as hair. Rats can easily breed in areas that have a suitable supply of food and water.

Wasps and bees
It is recommended that wasps’ nests be treated and destroyed whenever possible. It can be done when noted in late spring and summer season before the formation of the mated queens in the late autumn.
Bees have several species and hence it is important that one takes care to identify the species before taking any control measures.  The company works closely with beekeepers to help relocate these bees to a more suitable location.

Flies and Fleas
Flies cause nuisance and most of the carry disease and pathogenic organisms within their intestinal tracts. They are mostly common in the summer weather while others are still active and hibernating in the winter and cause a continuous nuisance to the house occupants.
Fleas are common to pets and will cause irritation to these pests and occasionally to occupants of new homes where pets had been residing. It is recommended that a thorough vacuum cleaning is done before treating with an insecticide.

Other pests that Avon Pest Control can eradicate include cockroaches, ants and bedbugs, and birds. Make your Christmas colorful by calling us to manage and treat any pest infestation in your home or check out our website