Monday, 24 July 2017

Pigeon and starling pest problems debunked!

Pigeons and starlings may be cute to look at while in flight.

However, these birds carry infectious diseases and are known for spreading germs.

In Yorkshire, there are thousands of pigeons that have made government, residential and commercial buildings their homes.

Pigeons and starlings love to build nests in high areas -which allow them to breed and procreate at alarming rates.

While they do not possess an attack-based threat like rats and mice, these pets need to be contained or infestation will occur.

At Avon Pest Control, we offer the best techniques and solutions to deal with pigeon or starling infestation problems.

Avon Pigeon and Starlings Control Services

In Yorkshire, pigeons are called rats with wings - due to the many infectious diseases they carry.

This includes 'Chiamdiosis', a virus similar to influenza, and 'Psittacosis', similar to pneumonia.

Believe it or not, pigeons can spread these diseases with their droppings and feathers - but especially by congregating in large numbers.

According to recent statistics, the pigeon problem in the UK is an incredible mess to say the least.

In fact, it costs up to £15 million to clean up pigeon droppings and deposits across the nation.

With this in mind, Avon Pest Control offers the following techniques to rid any residential, business or even city government property of pigeons and starlings:

•    Large nets that trap pigeons - and their young - for immediate and safe removal. These birds are handed over to local animal control shelters.

•    Blocking off entrance - exit routes that pigeons love to fly in and out of.

•    Using pesticides - which may be harsh - but necessary in removing entire pigeon and starling colonies. However, we do our best to salvage and protect all birds and their young during the process.

•    Immediate removal of pigeons from attics, home shingles, rafters, basements, and crawlspaces. We temporarily open up exit routes so they can fly away.

•    In the case of mass pigeon infestation - which can attract other dangerous birds of prey - we utilize pesticides and bait traps to remove these birds from your home or office buildings.

The Avon Pest Control Experience

Avon Pest Control is committed to protecting the environment.

However, there are times when even the most beautiful birds can cause havoc and damages in homes and businesses.

We carefully try to eliminate birds in a safe and friendly manner.

However, there are times when we have to take more aggressive actions - especially when it comes to birds with dangerous diseases and germs.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

What is the Flying Ants Day?

With summer upon us, black garden ants infestations are at an all time high.

In fact, Yorkshire homes and businesses are seeing more black ant mounds and activities throughout the county.

Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to rid your property of all types and breeds of ants. This includes fumigating your home or office interiors, along with aerial pesticides that eliminate ants within their mounds.

We also utilize sticky pads, as well as bait - which ants feed on - then take back to their colonies for immediate eradication. A phone call to 01789 293 463 or e-mail is all it takes to schedule a service appointment or receive a free quote from Avon Pest Control.

Flying Ants Day

Flying Ants Day 2017 has arrived throughout Yorkshire County.

While not technically a specific day, it is a time - during the summer - when black ants sprout wings and take to the skies.

They are looking for queen ants to start new colonies, which means more ant infestation and mounds popping up all over the place.

According to leading entomologists, now is the time where flying black ants are everywhere - and there seems to be no way to get rid of all of them.

While the latter may be true, Avon Pest Control utilizes industry-leading pesticides that eliminate ants and their young onsite. This helps prevent flying ants from even getting off the ground in search of new queens and colonies.

Why Choose Avon Pest Control?


Avon Pest Control has tackled ant infestation problems in Yorkshire for years.

We are a reputable and seasoned company that is committed to excellence in all services.

Whether dealing with red ants, black ants or even hybrid breeds - we can eliminate these pests and critters within time and budget.

Our highly-dedicated pest control experts also check basements, crawlspaces and all areas where ants may roam or procreate.

While you should always contact us for any pest control services and treatments, here are a few ways to prevent an ant infestation in your home, business or office:

•    Avoid leaving crumbs or open containers in your kitchen. Ants love to feed on these food particles and bring it back to their young and colonies.
•    You can use generic pesticides for temporary assistance.
However, only Avon Pest Control should be called in to take care of entire ant mounds, colonies and infestation throughout Yorkshire.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Need help identifying the pest in your home?

Avon Pest Control is a seasoned and reputable pest control company in Yorkshire.

From flies and fleas to rodents and bats - we have the tools and expertise to safely rid any home or business of these pests. We utilize only the latest in cutting-edge pesticides, along with bait traps, sticky pads and much more.

At AvonPest Control, we are committed to excellence in all pest control services.

This includes complimentary consultations, free service quotes, and maintenance plans for your home or commercial establishment.

Our passion speaks for itself - and this is why we continue to be the preferred pest control firm for so many residents and businesses owners across the UK.

Pest Identification Services




Avon Pest Control is a proud member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

This organization is the central portal for pest control agencies, contractors and companies in the UK.

From informative articles to blogs and news reports - the BPCA covers everything pest and vermin related. This includes detailed listings - with photos - on all known pests, insects and critters in and out of the UK.

Check out this page:  for all identification needs.

With this in mind, Avon Pest Control has the knowledge to identify any pests that are infesting your homes.

While we use special detection equipment for birds, bats, and vermin - we are also able to pinpoint the exact species and breeds of the pests you are dealing with.

This allows us to:

•    Secure the best pest control services and pesticides specific to the insect at hand.
•    Save time by utilizing proven techniques that eradicates the pest or pests onsite; pesticides, bait, sticky pads, blocking off entrance/exit routes, etc.
•    Inform the BPCA about any hybrid insects, as well as pests that we have never seen before. As you know, there are literally thousands of insect breeds that have never been seen by the human eye.

Avon Pest Control Experts

Avon Pest Control offers pest eradication services for all residential and commercial properties.

We also offer convenient maintenance and spraying programs, which is a great way to keep your property pest-free year round.

With free estimates and important information on summer pest infestations at our site, we are truly the UK's premier pest control agency.

From ants and mice to rats and even bed bugs, we are proud to help Yorkshire residents and business owners with professional pest control services.

For more information on pest identification and control services, please visit:

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Summer Time, Wasp Threat level Rising what can I do?

It's summertime across the UK and many parts of the world. This means outdoor barbecues and loads of fun with family and friends.

However, there may be some uninvited guests to your summer parties and events. These, of course, are nasty wasps and bees that love to invade your outdoor or indoor jamborees.

These critters are easily riled up and will surely sting and attack onsite.

In fact, there has been a significant surge in wasp and bee swarms all over Yorkshire County in recent months. With this mind, you need Avon Pest Control when dealing with wasps and other harmful critters.

Avon Pest Control remains a seasoned and reputable company that can eliminate wasps, hornets, bees and other summertime pests from your home or office.

The Experts at Avon Pest Control

Summertime is a prime season for wasp and hornet activities.

In fact, you will hear buzzing as well as other sounds in and around your home or business.

Similarly, there is usually an increase in Asina Hornet - but also an increase in the birds and other predators hunting them.

This makes the situation even worse for humans and domesticated pets. With wasp threat levels on the rise across Yorkshire and the UK, you simply need the experts at Avon Pest Control to handle this business.

With dedicated and experience pest control specialists, they have - and continue to - eliminate wasps and hornets from all residences and commercial establishments.

With Avon Pest Control, we have the tools and expertise to handle the following:

•    Removal of wasp and hornet nests from garages, attics, basements, crawlspaces and interior/exterior areas of Yorkshire homes and businesses.
•    Industry leading pesticides and insecticides that attack the central nervous systems of these dangerous insects. Removal of any mud mounds or packs utilizes for breeding purposes.
•    Long sticks that remove nests from exterior and interior ceilings. Ensuring all wasps, hornets, and even bees meet their fates with aerial pesticides that target them wherever they breed and congregate.
•    Professional cleanup and removal of all wasps, hornets, bees, and other insects from basements, attics, and all susceptible areas.

Do Not Let Wasps Ruin Your Summer

Do not let wasps ruin your summer fun and activities with families and friends.

If you are dealing with wasp infestation, never try to tackle the problem on your own.

Simply contact Avon Pest Control today on 01926 632 929 and we will handle the rest.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Best ways to erradicate black ants from your home.

Dealing with black ants is a common problem for home and business owners across Yorkshire.

No truer is this then during these the scorching summer  we are all experiencing, which sees a rise in ant mounds and activities all over the England and Yorkshire.

With this in mind, you need the experts at Avon Pest Control to remove ants - and other pests - from your home or businesses.

With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to stop ants from breeding and biting your loved ones and domesticated pets.

This is done via leading pesticides and insecticides, along with complete removal of mounds with cutting-edge equipment.

As always, never try to remove black ants on your own since they can easily swarm if danger is present.

Simply contact Avon Pest Control and we guarantee the safest and most affordable pest control treatments in the UK.

Tips for Home and Business Owners

Even with us advising home and business owners not to remove black ant mounds on their own - there are many that still prefer the DIY method.

We have listed a few ways to combat ant infestation in the your homes and yards - but if these methods fail - we are just a phone call or e-mail away.

According to DIY experts, here are a few ways to try and prevent an ant infestation in your home and or business:

•    Ant sprays - these commercial sprays may or may not work on all ant breeds. Still, you can try spraying your outdoor and indoor areas to thwart off ants from entering.

•    Ant poison - these are not guaranteed to stop ants from breeding or entering your properties. There are many brands to choose from so conduct adequate research before purchasing them.

•    Boric acid - this is a traditional method used to tackle bug, ant and insect infestation.
Try spreading Boric acid on areas where ants may enter your home or business; garage, basement, attic, and outside the front door or side doors.

•    Use containers - ants love to feed on crumbs and food particles, which they take back to their Queen and young.  We recommend using containers so even the smallest ant cannot penetrate and feed on your food and snacks.

•    Dispose of trash quickly - ants also love to feed on garbage and rubbish.
We recommend disposing of your trash as quickly as possible.
In fact, keep trash cans and bins as far away from your home entrances as possible.

For more information or to schedule a service appointment, simply contact us or visit our website today:

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Want to know how you can take the 'bite' out of fleas and ticks problems?

Dealing with fleas is a common problem across Yorkshire and the UK. In fact, families with dogs and cats tend to be affected the most by these pests and critters. At Avon Pest Control, we have the tools and expertise to rid your home of fleas, bed bugs, and other insects and pests. In fact, we utilise the latest in fumigation techniques, which include top-rated pesticides and insecticides. These formulas are designed to eliminate fleas onsite, while eradicating their eggs and young as well. While this may seem brutal, it is a necessary component of precise, concise, and affordable pest control services across the UK.

Flea Tips - Taking Preventative Measures

Taking the bite out of flea season is something most Yorkshire residents are interested in. After all, many of them do own dogs and cats, which are beloved members of their families. When it comes to preventative measures, flea and tick collars are simply a must for domesticated pets. These medicinal collars help fend off flea and tick invasions, while protecting the health and well-being of your pets. You can also spray generic pesticides and sprays that are sure to keep ticks and fleas away for some time. However, only the experts at Avon Pest Control have the best formulas to prevent a flea infestation in any residential or commercial property.

Grooming Domesticated Pets

Keeping your pets well groomed is another great way to prevent fleas and ticks. In fact, local animal grooming centers utilize certain medicines, which help prevent fleas from biting and procreating on your dog or cat. This also includes special shampoos and conditioners, which helps keep pet coats clean and healthy. Similarly, there are anti-flea and anti-tick shampoos available for rugs and carpets as well. You can also use aerial commercial pesticide sprays, which see fleas and ticks fall off in great numbers. However, only Avon Pest Control has a line of the best anti-flea and anti-tick products - and you should always contact us if any of these DIY or self-serve items do not meet your immediate or long-term needs.

If you are tired of dealing with scratching and irritation due to flea infestation, we can take care of this problem in a timely, affordable and efficient manner. For more information or to schedule a service appointment, simply contact us today or visit our site today:

Or call us on either of the numbers below for a free consultation.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Temperatures rising, wasp nests threatening your home?

Dealing with wasp nests requires professional pest control experts. At Avon Pest Control, we have the tools and expertise to safely remove wasp nets from Yorkshire homes and businesses.

With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to receive great industry and customer reviews. This gives us the incentive to go above and beyond the call of duty to meet all client needs.

With temperatures soaring across Yorkshire and the UK, wasp nests will become a common sighting for many homes and businesses. You should never attempt to remove these wasps on your own; this can lead to wasp swarms and stings. Instead, simply contact Avon Pest Control and we will take care of these pests for you.

Wasp Nests - What to Know

Wasps tend to build their nests in high places. This includes garage ceilings, along with the exteriors of home or business entrances. These nests are essentially made up of water and mud with small holes. The latter is used for entry and exit, as well as protecting the young from potential predators. However, wasps can strike at anytime - especially if they feel danger around the corner. Avon Pest Control removes wasps with aerial pesticides and insecticides. These formulas eliminate wasps within nests - causing them to fall on the ground. Once your Avon Pest Control specialist deems it safe, he or she will then remove the nests with long poles and other equipment.

The Avon Pest Control Experience

Avon Pest Control is a seasoned and reputable company that is committed to excellence in all services. From wasps and hornets to yellow jackets and bees, we have the tools and experience to eliminate these pests from your home or office. We also offer complimentary consultations, along with free service estimates and quotes. With temperatures soaring across many areas in the UK, wasp alerts and activities are at a high level. This can pose a real threat for all families and domesticated pets in and around Yorkshire. With this in mind, you need the professionals from Avon Pest Control to take care of these critters and prevent them from returning again.

If your home or business is experiencing wasp or other insect infestation, Avon Pest Control can take care of the problem within time and budget. We work diligently to protect all susceptible areas of your property, while spraying all interior and exteriors for other pests and rodents as well.

For more information or to schedule a service appointment, simply contact us today or visit our site:

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Monday, 29 May 2017

Are Bedbugs Becoming More Resistant To Pesticides? What Can I Do?


Bedbugs in the home can be a big problem. In fact, they tend to go unnoticed for a long time because they are by nature elusive. They are more commonly found in hotels and other social places so if you see bedbugs in your home you should think back to the last time you spent the night away from home - that is probably where you got them from. Bedbugs hide in the darkest corners of your home - you will find them in the nooks and crannies of beds and other furniture and they only come out to feed at night. They leave nasty itchy bumps and if you don't deal with them right away they can soon become an infestation.

The reason why bedbug populations in homes skyrocket is because homeowners usually attempt to deal with infestations using local pesticides. Unfortunately, bedbugs are becoming increasingly resistant to these - you may kill a few of them this way but the majority of them will live on. Take into account the fact that they lay thousands of eggs and you will see how sooner or later your home will be run over. Since they can survive for 3 or 4 days without food their populations thrive even more.

Does this mean that it is impossible to kill bedbugs in the home? Not quite. You can deal with a bedbug infestation by calling in professional pest exterminators. They usually have stronger chemicals than the ones that are available in supermarkets that kill both the bedbugs and their eggs.

They also have equipment that will reach into all the dark corners of furniture where the bugs hide and get rid of all of them. Better yet they will make sure that you don't get an infestation again for a long time.

One such company is Avon Pest Control. They have offices in Leamington Spa and Stratford-Upon-Avon and they serve homes in Leamington Spa, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Kenilworth, Warwick, Coventry & surrounding areas. They have the very latest in extermination equipment and they use chemicals that eradicate bedbugs for a long time.

They are also very discreet - your neighbors will not know that you are having an extermination done. You can rely on them to be professional and courteous and they work fast so to make your home infestation free.

You can find out more about Avon Pest Control on their website,

For more information on safe and effective pest removals, simply visit their website or call them on either of the numbers below for a free consultation or quote.

The black garden ant season is only a few weeks away, are you ready?

With summer just around the corner black garden ants pests will soon be with us. These are the ants that swarm homes and gardens all over England in the warm months. Black garden ants, like any other ants, build nests underground and their numbers usually multiply in summer because that is when they mate, lay eggs that hatch into larvae and then mature into adults. In nature these ants feed on nectar - the sweet stuff that is produced by flowers, but when their numbers increase, like they do in summer, there isn't enough to feed the colony, and so they look for alternative food sources.

The first place they will head into is your kitchen, looking for anything sweet that may have been left out in the open. It can be some spilt juice, a spot of jam, uncovered sugar or even bits of cake. It takes one ant to make the discovery. As soon as it does it has its fill and then heads back to the nest to "tell" the others. It will leave a pheromone trail so that it can find its way back to the food source with its colony-mates, and soon they will all be in your kitchen looking for food everywhere.

That is not the only problem with black garden ants. When they decide to form their colonies in the foundation of your home they will eat through the concrete literally turning it into sand. This expands cracks on the floor and if they ants are not dealt with over time you will eventually have property damage.

The problem with black garden ants is that they are extremely hard to get rid of. You can eliminate them from your garden using pesticides but that would probably mean killing the plants as well. In your house, however, you can easily keep them out by creating a barrier.

A professional extermination company can do this for you. They will spray a mild chemical all around the home that will stop the ants from coming in. They will also spray the foundation to make sure that ants do not build a home there.

One company that can do that for you is Avon Pest Control. They do black garden ant extermination in Leamington Spa, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Kenilworth, Warwick, Coventry & surrounding areas. You can find out more on their website,

For more information on safe and effective pest removals, simply visit our website today:

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Are you fearing the posion-resistant rats and mice in your home or business?

Yorkshire County is synonymous with fine residential and business establishments. In fact, there are plenty of new properties that accentuate vintage and historic homes and stores across the region.

As beautiful as Yorkshire is - the county is not exempt from rats and mice infestation. Remember, the area is also home to several parks, trees and wooded areas; all breeding grounds for rats and mice.

These vermin, of course, find their way into local homes and businesses through all types of openings. They also love to feed on crumbs, as well as open containers of food. As your premier pest control specialists, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to safely and efficiently remove these critters from your properties.

Poison- Resistant Rats - What to Do?

Rats and mice are now becoming poison resistant across the world. In fact, this growing phenomenon is not just relegated to England or Europe. So many studies have been pouring in on how vermin have adapted to certain poisons and pesticides - to the point where these countermeasures do not affect them anymore.

According to leading researchers, their resistance stems from - already existing - infectious diseases within their bodies and cells. Rats and mice are now able to survive despite bait traps, sticky pads, and other pest control measures. So what does this mean for property owners in Yorkshire? Well, Avon Pest Control now features new ways to permanently trap and eliminate rats and mice from your life. Our techniques now include:

•    Stronger pesticides and poisons that are guaranteed to eliminate rats, mice, vermin and their young.

•    Pesticides that bypass any defenses within rats and mice, while tackling their central nervous systems and eradicating them within minutes.

•    Larger and more effective sticky pads with poison, as well as traps and blocking off entrance and exit routes.

•    Complete elimination of all mice and rodent colonies within a timely, professional, and lasting manner.

•    Spraying your home or business with the latest in anti-rodent repellents, along with the newest pesticides that are more effective in eliminating these nocturnal creatures from your properties.

The Avon Pest Control Guarantee

Avon Pest Control is committed to protecting you and your loved ones from rat and mice infestation.

From Yorkshire homes and schools to businesses, we guarantee complete pest control services at cost-affordable rates. We also go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure these vermin do not return to your homes or businesses.

For more information on safe and effective pest removals, simply visit our website today:

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

The British National Pest Awareness Week

Avon Pest Control is a reputable and seasoned pest control company in the UK. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to meet the needs of all our clients across Yorkshire and other areas. From rodents and birds to silverfish and termites, we also continue to deliver timely and efficient pest removal services across the country. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation or service appointment. As pest control experts, we are also proud to participate in next month's National Pest Awareness Week.

National Pest Awareness Week takes place Monday June 5 through Sunday June 11 this year. This is a great opportunity for us - as pest control professionals - to showcase the importance of pest management solutions for all residential and business owners. We also network with community partners is bringing awareness to pest control -especially as it relates to infestation and health issues for loved ones and domesticated pets. From the latest in pest control techniques to promotional discounts and specials, Avon Pest Control will truly be at the center of this year's Pest Awareness Week and activities.

Why You Should Participate in Pest Awareness Week?

In previous years, Avon Pest Control has volunteered with non-profit organizations by offering free pest control services and information. We also help educate and inform the public about the fundamentals of on-site pest control for homes, businesses, warehouses, and other venues across the UK. As always, there will be several charitable and philanthropic organizations involved in raising money for non-profits organisations as well.

This is a great time for you to be a part of something truly special and unique. In fact, we at Avon Pest Control urge local companies to participate and reap the benefits of vital pest management and control services. With your participation, we are able to educate community groups, environmental groups, and home or business organisations on the importance of pest control for health and disease prevention. In fact, our services have always extended to area food banks, homeless shelters, and other venues that may be missing out on mandatory pest management services.

Pest Awareness Week Activities

As always, Avon Pest Control will be very busy during this year's National Pest Awareness Week. However, we are never too busy to take care of your pest problems and issues. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail to discuss pest control services and treatments in and out of Yorkshire. We look forward to helping you today!

For more information on safe and effective pest removals, simply visit our website today:

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bird problems, making your life hell?

Yorkshire is home to several residential and commercial establishments. It is also a haven for birds, pigeons and all types of animals and creatures. While it's great to watch birds in their natural habitats and niches - the last thing property owners want is for these animals to build nests in their homes or businesses. In fact, Yorkshire continues to experience nesting problems all over the city and suburbs.

No truer is this than for pigeons and starlings, which continue to cause property damages and severe noise pollution. As your premier bird control company in Yorkshire, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to safely and efficiently remove these animals for your home or business.

Avon Bird Control - How it is done

We, Avon Pest Control are a seasoned and reputable company with years of extensive pest control experience. In fact, we have and continue to remove pigeons and starlings from countless properties across Yorkshire. Our method is very simple and guaranteed to handle even the largest bird or pigeon infestations. As part of our control process, we utilize safe measures to prevent any unfortunate situations or outcomes. These include:

•    Complete analysis and assessment of your bird, pigeon or starling problem. We check basements, attics, crawlspaces, and all exteriors and interiors for nests, eggs, and droppings.
•    Our certified pest control experts block off any entrance and exit routes birds are using to enter your properties.
•    We remove all nests - with eggs and young -and hand them over to Yorkshire animal control experts and teams.
•    We also direct birds to fly out of your property, while ensuring the job is done right across the board.
•    Sadly, some birds may be lost in the process - especially ravens, crows, hawks, or other birds that are known to attack humans and domesticated pets. However, Avon Pest Control works diligently to prevent any unfortunate circumstances - while saving birds of all breeds during the removal process.

Your Complete Bird Control Solution

We at Avon Pest Control are committed to protecting your home and business from bird or pigeon infestation. We utilize safe nets, along with certain traps that temporarily hold these pests until removal. We also remove birds from rooftops, trees, garages, and all areas that are experiencing infestation. While birds are true miracles of Mother Nature, they can be loud and noisy pests throughout the night. In fact, mass breeding can also result in a number of diseases - especially when it comes to bats and starlings. With this in mind, you just need one phone call or e-mail for the best pest control services in Yorkshire.

One phone call or e-mail is all you need to get the best pest control services in your area.

For more information on safe and effective bird, pigeon or starling removals, simply visit our website today:

Or call us on either of the numbers below for a free consultation.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Stop wasps from choosing your home as nesting site.

Wasps are notorious for building nesting sites throughout our cherished Yorkshire County. While some wasps build dwellings in trees, most of them prefer residential or commercial establishments. In fact, homes with high exterior entrances are particularly susceptible to wasp hives, nests and infestation. These nests, of course, are in most or many cases built from mud and water, which wasps carry from adjacent gardens to construct. These nests are utilized to breed and care for their young - along with housing smaller insects and prey for food. Like hornets and bees, wasps possess painful stings - and are known to attack humans and domesticated pets during daytime hours as well.

Professional Wasp Removal in Yorkshire

If wasps become a problem in your home or business, only professional pest controllers can handle the problems. With years of extensive industry experience, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to rid your property of wasps and their nests. In fact, we utilize cutting-edge pesticides that kill wasps and their young onsite. We also use poles to eliminate nests, dwellings and mudpacks in and around your home. With free service estimates and consultations, we are committed to excellence in all wasp and pest control services throughout Yorkshire. In fact, our team and services continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. Whether dealing with wasp problems inside or outside of your home, we can eliminate these pets and prevent them from returning as well.

Indoor Wasps in Yorkshire - What to Do?

Contrary to popular belief, wasps do enjoy cool and comfortable temperatures. They are not just relegated to warm, humid or arid areas. However, many home and property owners always us ask how wasps enter their properties? The answer is simple and might even astonish you and your loved ones. If you have wasp nests near the front of the house - and when you open the door - the wasps will come inside. Most of them love to congregate near high windows - and if they feel threatened -will attack you and yours. With this in mind, you need our experts at Avon Pest Control to completely spray your home and eradicate all wasps, hornets, bees, and other pests that have made nests in your property. We have the experience and expertise to remove wasps in a safe, efficient and expedited manner across Yorkshire.

With summer in full swing, expect to see an upsurge in wasp activities around Yorkshire.

One phone call or e-mail is all you need to get the best pest control services in your area.

For more information on safe and effective wasp removal, simply visit our website today:

Or call us on either of the numbers below for a free consultation.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Is your business under attack by a serious pest problem?

Does your business require urgent and expert services from a pest control expert?
Pests and rodents such as rats, mice, cockroaches, and flies can be a headache not only in our residential properties  but also in offices, warehouses, and any other workplace. When the pests find their way there.

Any delay in handling the pest issues can lead to damage to your properties, which in turn can result in severe losses to any business.

However, with the services of Avon Pest Control, one does not need to worry at all. You might ask yourself the question why opt for Avon Pest Control?

At Avon Pest Control, we have the professional staff with the necessary experience and skills and we are also certified by the Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH),  Pesticide Application (PA1 and PA6) and the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC).

The years we have been in business has enabled us to acquire the right knowledge regarding any form of pest control.
After our experts are done with pest control in your premises, we go a step further to advise you on what you require to do to avoid future attacks from these pests and rodents.

That has played a crucial in setting us apart from the rest.
We are a fully licensed to carry out any form of pest control business in Britain. These licenses are of the utmost importance especially those touching the environment and pollution.

We comply with all the health and safety regulations put in place by the law, thus ensuring safety also to your and our staff, your business and the environment.
We also have a very competitive  pricing policy. This ensures our prices for any service offered
are always very customer friendly.

One thing you will notice from our website, is the well structured and diverse services we offer.

This helps our clients identify the precise services they require, on the other hand, it helps us identify the best experts we have for the job.

With such well-defined services, we are able to charge competitive prices at all times which help build a good mutual relationship with our clients.
Finally, we are very easily accessible. One can easily contact us through our telephone numbers 01926 632 929 or 01789 293 463.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Some usefull tips to prevent a black garden ant infestation in Yorkshire.

Black garden ants are a common nuisance in and around Yorkshire. In fact, these ants do possess powerful bites - and tend to swarm and prey on other common insects. Like all ants, black  garden varieties are attracted by food and even waste There have even been instances of these ants ripping open garbage bags for food on pickup days. With this in mind, you need the experts at Avon Pest Control to rid your home or business of these critters and pests. With years of extensive industry experience, we can provide the right pesticides and defenses to keep these ants out of any property.

Preventative Tips for Ant Infestation

When it comes to black or other ant mounds, we can easily eliminate these structures with cutting-edge pesticides and powders. We also prevent ants from entering your property - by eliminating them within the mound itself. This includes the Queen, along with their young and other insects. While we specialize in mound and ant removal, there are a few ways to prevent infestation inside or outside your home. These includes:

•    Keeping garbage bags sealed and tight within containers. Leaving bags out on their own can attract ants and other insects - or small animals - due to presence of food and rubbish.
•    Make sure to seal all your containers inside your home or business. Again, ants are always on the prowl for open containers with foods or crumbs, which they bring back to their young and colonies.
•    Work with your landscaper or gardener to spray your gardens, yards, and lawns with generic pesticides. While this can secure temporary relief - only we at Avon Pest Control have the right tools, expertise and equipment to completely eradicate ant infestations from your Yorkshire homes and businesses.

Avon Pest Control is your premier pest control company in the Yorkshire. Whether dealing with wasp, hornet, bee, ant, or vermin infestation - we have the expertise to safely and efficiently remove these critters from your home. We also specialize in sticky pads for basements, crawl spaces, and garages - along with blocking off access routes for small animals and insects into your home. With free service estimates and the latest in ant control techniques and sprays, let us take care of all your Yorkshire pest problems today.

With temperatures beginning to soar, expect to see plenty of black garden ant mounds around in the Yorkshire area. One phone call to 01789 293 463 or e-mail to is all you need to get the best ant and pest control services in your area. Get the ball rolling today by simply visiting our website:

We provide free consultations and quotes.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

This years warm winter predicts black garden ant surges, are you ready?

Black garden ant infestation are happening currently across most of the Yorkshire County. This is mainly due to the warm temperatures we experienced last winter, which have truly taken the many areas across the UK by storm and surprise. From back garden ant mounds to full scale surges, these small pests are now causing havoc across a myriad of residential and commercial establishments.

These infestations are getting to be a real nuisance for home and property owners, along with landscapers and gardeners in the Greater Yorkshire area. With this in mind, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to effectively eradicate these pets from your life. From mound powders and removal to cutting-edge insecticides, we can easily delete these ants - and their Queens and young - within time and budget.

Yorkshire Pest and Ant Control Services

Black garden ants are a real nuisance and usually appear to be more prominent where people life in  warmer climate zones. However, these critters can easily be stopped by Avon Pest Control.

In fact, we have provided the best ant and pest control services across Yorkshire County for years. This includes regular spraying of residential and commercial establishments, along with ant mound removals and sticky pads. The latter, of course, are placed within garages -basements - and crawl spaces where ants love to congregate and plan missions for food and prey. We stop them in their tracks - by spraying effective pesticides inside and out of your home or business. We also eliminate mounds by innovative and airy pesticides, which are designed to eliminate the Queen and her offspring.

Warm Temperatures Means More Ants

Like some other species, black garden ants tend to love favor and thrive in warm and arid temperatures. This gives them the right climate to build mounds, while hunting for prey and insects or lizards of all sizes for food. Avon Pest Control puts an immediate halt to their activities by spraying their abodes with effective pesticides. We are also able to block any access routes - in homes or offices - for ants, insects, and even vermin and small animals.

Our comprehensive - yet affordable - services continue to receive great reviews across Yorkshire and the UK. While there is nothing we can do to stop ants from migrating or building new colonies -we are able to deal with them onsite and within budget. If your home or business has been infested by ants or mice, simply give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

With temperatures beginning to rise, black garden ant surges will happen across Yorkshire. One phone call to 01926 632 929 or e-mail is all you need to get the best ant and pest control services in the Yorkshire area or simply visit us on to request a free quote or consultation.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Black Garden Ants, how to make them move house!

Avon Pest Control is an industry leader in professional pest control services. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to combat infestation in any home or business.

From mice and rodents to cockroaches and silverfish, we utilise cutting-edge equipment to eradicate pests and critters from all properties. With highly-dedicated pest control experts, one phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule an appointment or receive a free service estimate. As your number one local pest control specialists, we specialise in Black Garden Ant and bed bug removal as well.

Black Garden Ant Infestation

Black garden ants are synonymous with infestation in commercial and residential properties. Like other ant species, black garden varieties tend to congregate in warm and arid areas. They are also attracted by open food and crumbs in homes, and simply love to nest in all susceptible areas in and around homes. Avon Pest Control utilises leading techniques to effectively remove these pests from properties. This includes ant pesticides, which are sprayed all over the interior and exterior of your property. Black ant mounds are also removed by placing pesticide powders on them. These products are able to eliminate the queen and her young, along with any workers and soldier ants that are part of the colony.

Sticky pads are also placed on areas that ant use for entrance and exit ways. This includes garage door floor openings, crawlspaces, basements, attics, and anywhere in the property that has significant ant infestation. Bait is also placed in areas – where ants will feed – and bring back to their colonies for complete eradication and extermination. Our technicians will also check for black ant colonies hiding and breeding under garden stones and paving slabs. Some black ants do have wings – especially the males – and usually try to fly away when danger is lurking nearby. However, Avon Pest Control utilises powerful insecticides and sticky pads with honey-like scents to attract and eliminate these pets once and for all.

The Avon Pest Control Difference

Whether for homes or businesses, Avon Pest Control is a reputable and seasoned company that continues to receive great reviews. We simply continue to outshine the rest when it comes to timely, affordable and lasting pest elimination services. As always, the company abides by all stringent rules and guidelines when it comes to pesticides and pest control services. We also offer free estimates and are committed to excellence in freeing your property of all known critters.

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Howto Prevent a Black Garden Ant Infestation

Never in your life underestimate small things because small things are not small things for the small. Small things can cause real big problems.

The black garden ant is a nuisance though not a risk to human health. They are completely black in color. Their trails may be seen, but their nests are invisible. Sandy soils and the sand used to form the base of paved garden paths or foundations of houses do attract these kinds. Therefore, their nests may be found in these areas.

The problem begins when these ants start attacking your house, and there is a need for immediate pest control measures, we, your local Pest Control specialists can help. If left uncontrolled the ants numbers will grow larger and larger turning into colonies. These colonies will cause serious harm to the wooden structures and food in your house, hence the need for preventive measures.

No matter how harmful they seem to be in your home, hope is not lost as you can prevent their invasion. To start off your preventive actions, there are issues you should be familiar with. These include knowing the whereabouts of their ecosystems and the things that can attract them.


Keep your house clean especially the kitchen and the food tables as ants are mostly attracted to food. Spare food should be properly stored and held in sealed containers. Food should be well covered if not being eaten or if not eaten completely. Also, clear away your pet's food immediately when it has finished eating.

Prevent moisture from building up in your home, especially in wooden furniture and walls to avoid the ants from being attracted. Check for leaks or anything that can cause moisture to penetrate your home and ensure that the spillages are cleaned immediately.

Also, make sure that all the dust or trash bins are tightly sealed or covered. The bins and rubbish pits should be cleared to prevent food from spoiling in them hence attracting ants.

Lastly after noticing some of the black garden ant's trails block off the entry points by sealing all cracks and crevices around your doors and window frames.

It will have become more clear to you and your family that involving one of our Avon Pest Control professionals becomes imperative when the black garden ant nest is too close to your home or i.e. inside the wall voids

Otherwise, prevention is better than cure hence the need for it before the attack becomes destructive.

For more information and quality pest control service visit us at:

We can prvide you with a free no obligation quote to ensure your black garden ant problem is erradicated swiftly and professionaly.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Monthly Pest Spotlight: Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are common pests that love to congregate in attics and crawlspaces. While they do not lay eggs in human food, they are attracted to open containers and crumbs.

These nuisances tend to procreate rather quickly – resulting in infestation across residential and commercial properties.

As your local pest control experts, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to safely rid any property of flies and fleas. With state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to eliminate these critters and pests within time and budget. One phone call, one e-mail, or simply request a quote via our website, is all you need today to receive a free estimate today.

Removing Cluster Flies from Properties

Cluster flies love to feed on discarded fruit and vegetables. They are especially attracted to sweets and molasses, along with cookies and other sugary snacks. Avon Pest Control utilizes pyrethroid-based insecticides to effectively remove cluster flies from your home or business. These sprays are applied on the undersides of eaves, as well as doors, windows, and the sunny sides of homes and buildings. When cluster flies land on these surfaces – they simply perish before entering any property. Pesticides are also administered around garages, crawlspaces, and especially basements and attics. This is sure to get erradicate your pest problem, while also ensuring it does not return.

Industrial Vacuums and Fly Lights

Avon Pest Control technicians also use small vacuums to suck out any dead flies or those remaining in colonies. This is an essential way to completely eradicate these pets, along with the hair they leave behind – stemming from their legs. There are also fly lights, which can be installed indoors or outdoors. These units essential zap flies and other insects when they make contact with them. You can speak to any of our pest control specialist for more information on light installations, as well as which models and units work best in your particular ue case scenario. If you are tired of seeing flies in and around your home, simply let our professionals take care of all your pest control needs with proven services and techniques.

As your premier pest control company, Avon Pest Control is committed to excellence in all services.

This includes cost-affordable pest control services for rodents, mice, vermin, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, termites, and all common and exotic pests. We continue to receive great reviews across the region, and are always available for emergency fumigation services.

Simply visit our website or contact Avon Pest Control today to schedule a service appointment.

Friday, 3 March 2017

What to do when Black Garden Ants. become a serious problem.

Black garden ants, also known as the common black ants are considered more of a nuisance when they enter into a home rather than a disease carrier. They can form colonies comprising a single queen and thousands of individual ants. This type of ants can pose a big problem for some gardeners and homeowners.

What are black ants attracted to?

  • In farms - they eat sweet foods like ripe fruits especially fruits like strawberries that lack a thick protective skin. They can also be seen farming honeydew farms around the gardens and vegetations.
  • In homes - black garden ants are a nuisance especially in the early summer months where they explore their surroundings quite extensively in an effort to increase their queen and her young’s food supply and also as a way of testing new ground for the nest's next summer flight. In some cases, these explorations are done by burrowing through mortar and brick and can cause extensive destruction to the house structure.

How can you keep the ants away?

Ants are especially attracted to sweet, sticky substances; therefore, ensure that there are no readily available food sources in your home by;
  • Always covering the food.
  • Clear food and liquid spillages immediately.
  • Tightly seal all rubbish bins.
  • Clear away from pet’s food as soon as its done.
You can also help prevent ants from entering your home through sealing access points like cracks, and crevasses in the door as well as window frames.

How are black garden ants removed when they invade?

A wide range of DIY products are readily available to kill black ants such as ant sprays, ant powders and ant killer gels. DIY products only deal with smaller garden ant problems.

For an established black ant problem however, you will want to consider hiring the services of a professional pest controller to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

Why only a professional pest controller should remove black garden ants

When the black garden ants’ invasion gets out of control, only professional pest control services are recommended to deal with the pest problem or to get rid of the ants.

Avon Pest Control Ltd understands the habits of each ant species and has a range of powerful insecticides to deal with them and leave you with the reassurance that the problem has been fully dealt with.

Our services are fast, effective and also offer the highest level of safety for you, your family and even your pets if any.

Give us a call to book an appointment or visit for more information.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The problems caused by squirrels in roof spaces

The family of squirrels includes tree squirrels, chipmunks, flying squirrels, ground squirrels and the marmots. Squirrels are known to be terrific climbers, but they come to the ground in search of food. They live next to humans and sometimes can be burrowing into the roof spaces and lead to many damages in your home if taken for granted. The problems associated with squirrels in roof spaces include:

Living in the roof spaces - they love to chew their way into walls or roof spaces since they are warm and safe for their young ones. During nest making, they also bring in materials such as dried leaves and hay that can lead to fire outbreaks. They can also end up chewing power cords thus affecting the electrical system and, again, posing a fire risk. 

Noise making - They often run around the roof which causes a lot of noise and disturbing people (especially at night when sleeping).

Chewing on wooden trim - Squirrels also chew on the wooden trims since they like chewing during their daily routine thus making holes in the wood and causing further damage.

How squirrels destroy things
Crop destruction - Squirrels cause damage to crops by feeding on them. Squirrels mostly feed on young plants thus destroying them.

Destruction of irrigation lines - Squirrels chews on the irrigation lines thus making holes that leak water from the pipes or completely damage the pipe.

Vines and trees - they chew the bark of trees and burrow under the trees, causing damage to nuts and fruit.

Squirrels are prolific breeders  and most squirrel species reproduce twice a year usually at the end of winter or in the middle of summer with a gestation period ranging from 30-45 days depending on the species. The squirrels can have 3-4 babies or even up to 15 babies in a litter depending on the species. If you suspect you have a squirrel problem in your home, you may find it becomes an infestation a lot faster than you had anticipated.

They can destroy properties if not dealt with in a timely manner and it is therefore vital to contact a professional pest control company such as Avon Pest Control as soon as you suspect you may have a squirrel problem before the problem gets out of hand. You can contact Avon Pest Control at

Friday, 24 February 2017

How to clear pest infestations and the best ways to prevent the pests from returning

Most people prefer spending more time indoors in winter, but unknown to them, there are also other creatures, namely pests, who eye up the same homes for their winter warmth. 

How Pests Enter Homes And Businesses
These are common things that can attract pests and other microorganisms to your home or business.
Moisture In Your Home
When there is moisture in your place, it will not take the insects much to get there since they love moisture. You need to ensure that you have no leaks by carefully checking the entire plumbing system. Clear the unwanted water within your residential or commercial place to discourage pests.
It does not matter if the piles of items you have do not have food substances in them, pests will be still attracted to them. Insects and rodents love hiding and burrowing in paper piles and other clutter. You should, therefore, keep your home free of clutter, not only to chase away pests but to maintain neatness too.
Small Cracks In Hidden Places
Bugs and other tiny pests may take advantage of small cracks in and around your homestead to gain access into the house. Check the foundation of your house and walls for any form of cracks that may be present.

Common Methods Of Controlling Pests
When pests are not controlled, home and business owners can incur damages.
Apart from just destroying homes, pests can also consume plants and vegetables, and spread dangerous diseases. There are two major ways of controlling pests; natural and chemical.
Natural control methods of pests are done to actually eliminate or reduce pest infestation without causing harm to crops, humans and other organisms. They are methods that include cultivating insects or other tiny organisms that eat pests, companion planting to chase the insects away from the major crops.
A chemical pest control method is the use of dangerous pesticides that immediately kills parasites upon the use. Chemical pesticides have residual and harmful effects on both animals and humans, and therefore should be utilized with caution.

There are also other methods that have been used to tackle common pest problems. These include mousetraps and flypapers that haven’t born much fruit in the entire war against pest problem.
It does not matter the type of pest you have, Avon Pest Control Ltd is ready to help you eliminate pests in a more fast and professional way. Call us today or you can also check more at

Monday, 13 February 2017

Common causes of pest problems in the home

Most of the time when a homeowner notices a pest problem or an invasion of pests in their home, the common reaction is to apply a quick fix to terminate the problem; what they fail to recognise is that it helps more to deal with the cause of the problem professionally to ensure the pests don’t return. Future pests will only be diminished once the cause of the problem has been identified and dealt with accordingly. Look around the property for environments that may be conducive for common pest problems and breeding of the pests (food left out, holes in skirting boards etc. Here are a few of the common pest problems and their causes:

Shrub or tree branches touching your roof or siding
The problem with this is that ants and rodents use such avenues to escape whenever you apply a pesticide or rodenticide in the house.  The branches of trees act as a highway to the roof and thus making accessibility of your house easy for the rodents

Siding touching soil
When your siding is in contact with the soil, the result is often rotting of the siding. This will eventually invite the ants and other insects. What you can do in such an instance is to dig soil away from the siding deck staircases as well as deck posts. As well, you can provide plenty of clearance starting from the bottom of the siding so that the foundation of your home can be visible. Only then can you manage to control such pests as ants and termites.

Debris in the gutter
Gutters plugged with debris are a big enough problem to worry about, but when water overflows the gutter, it runs down the siding thus leading to the decay of the siding and can encourage pests. At other times, the water in the gutter will be stagnant thus becoming a haven for mosquito breeding. You can fix this by cleaning the gutters every so often. Do not wait until there is too much debris in it.

Damaged soffit vent screens
When you have a damaged or missing soffit vent, you run the risk of inviting birds, rats, and bats which eventually cause unwanted odour and damages. Fixing this is not a big task. Simply get a galvanized hardware cloth and use it to re-screen the problem. You can then use screws to attach the screen. 

Of course, this advice is all very well but in actual fact you will be much better served if you seek the help of a professional pest control company like Avon Pest Control. We will eradicate your home of pests and make sure you don’t get any future infestations. Contact us via our website today and see how we can help with your pest problems.