Common problems with squirrels and other rodents

Squirrels and rodents are synonymous with destroying exterior and interior furniture. They also tend to reproduce at alarming rates, and even carry a range of diseases. These vermin also love to congregate in warm and arid areas, which give them warmth, protection, and the perfect place to breed. These animals have even been known to attack dogs, cats, and humans if they feel threatened. With this in mind, it is imperative to contact Avon Pest Control if you suspect or have a squirrel or rodent infestation problem. With years of extensive pest control experience, we have the tools and expertise to rid all residential and commercial properties of rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents. We also know how to prevent future infestations by sealing off any open spaces or susceptible entrance and exit areas.

Why Squirrels and Vermin are Dangerous

Squirrels and rodents can easily contaminate food with urine and droppings. If not taken care of in a timely and professional manner, these pests can truly damage your property as a whole. This includes chewing through walls to create their own entrance and exit pathways, along with damaging furniture and even biting your loved ones and domestic pets. With this in mind, Avon Pest Control utilises strong measures to eliminate vermin and rodents from your home or office. This includes but is not limited to:

·         Complete assessment and analysis of the rodent or squirrel infestation at hand.

·         Placing large sticky pads to trap any mice, rats, or other vermin and creatures in garages, crawlspaces, basements, etc.

·         Sealing off susceptible areas that these animals use to enter and leave your property.

·         Bait and switch – utilising bait to attract the rodents – once they consume this bait they will take it back to their home and spread it out. This results in complete elimination of rats, mice, and their young.

·         Spraying rat and mice based pesticides (sprays and nuggets) to again contain or eliminate the rodent infestation at its core.

·         All services are insured, certified, and designed to prevent squirrels and rodents from establishing a foothold in your property again.

For more information, simply contact Avon Pest Control today for a free estimate and evaluation. You can also visit our website and review the many pest control services and techniques we offer throughout the United Kingdom.

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