Problems that occur from having squirrels in your roof space

Squirrels look furry and cute but are dangerous to say the least. In fact, these rodents are known to carry rabies and other infectious diseases as well. They have also been known to attack domesticated animals in homes, while causing interior and exterior damages for businesses as well. Squirrels can even enter your home if your rooftops are not secure. With this in mind, it is important to contact the experts at Avon Pest Control for timely assessment and eradication services.

With years of extensive industry experience, Avon Pest Control has helped countless clients with their pest infestation issues. In fact, they have the tools and expertise to rid your property of squirrels, along with their nests and young. Avon uses the best and safest means possible when it comes to redirecting squirrels out of your roof and back into the wild. However, squirrels may also need to be removed forcibly since they are considered a threat to humans and domesticated pets. Your Avon pest control specialist will determine the best way – based on complete analysis and assessment of the situation. Usually, squirrel traps will be placed to capture and safely remove these creatures. However, pesticides and bait can also be used in the face of mass infestation – which is dangerous and can seriously impact your roof and home as a whole.

While Avon cannot fully promise that squirrels or rodents will never return to your property – they do everything they can to prevent future squirrel infestation. This includes sealing off susceptible areas on roofs, basements, windows, garage doors, and crawlspaces that serve as entrance and exit ways for rodents. They also place physical pesticide nuggets, which helps eliminate hordes of rodents once consumed and taken back to their hives and dwellings. Sadly, this is the only way to really contain the spread of these infectious creatures. If you are dealing with a potential rodent infestation, simply contact Avon Pest Control today to schedule a complimentary consultation and assessment. They also help remove pests from schools, businesses, cinemas, restaurants, and all residential and commercial establishments across the UK.

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