What to do if you suspect you have a pest problem

Having a potential pest problem is never an easy ordeal for property owners. From squirrels and rats to mice and insects – infestation can truly damage homes and businesses while rapidly dropping their values as well. If you suspect a pest problem in your home of office, simply reach out to the best in the business. With years of extensive pest control experience, Avon has the tools and expertise to rid your home of nocturnal creatures and critters. In fact, they utilize a range of innovative and cutting-edge pest control techniques, which are designed to eliminate rats, bats, vermin, bugs, and all types of animals from your property. They are also fully certified, insured, and offer a range of discounts for first-time and new clients.

Whether dealing with mice or other creatures, there are tell-tale signs to keep a strong eye on. This includes animal droppings, along with unusual holes, chewed furniture, skirting boards, and even weird smelling odors – which usually means urine. Even if you spot the pests don't try to contain the problem on your own. This can result in irreparable harm and damage to your property, along with potential bites for you, your loved ones, or pests. From snakes to possums, the only way to combat these pests is by contacting Avon Pest Control. As one of the top pest control agencies in the UK, they offer free estimates and wide array of personalized control options and services. These include but are not limited to:

·         Complete pest problem analysis and assessment – free estimates and quotes – checking all susceptible areas in your property that led to the infestations.

·         Utilising sticky pads for mice, vermin, rats, snakes, and lizards. Blocking off entrance/exit paths in garages, basements, windows, crawlspaces, and other susceptible areas.

·         Utilising pesticide to rid your home of cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other insects. Eliminating ant mounds, while removing nests and preventing further insect or animal breeding.

·         Safely removing non-dangerous birds, birds of prey, predators, bats and bee/hornet/wasp hives and dwellings from your home.

·         All work is fully certified, insured, and designed to eliminate or contain infestations as best as possible in the UK.

Avon also abides by all environmental guidelines and rules as it pertains to human-safe pest control services and techniques. All pesticides used will be determined by your pest control specialist upon assessment of the problem and potential issues at hand. For more information, simply contact or visit:


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