Howto Prevent a Black Garden Ant Infestation

Never in your life underestimate small things because small things are not small things for the small. Small things can cause real big problems.

The black garden ant is a nuisance though not a risk to human health. They are completely black in color. Their trails may be seen, but their nests are invisible. Sandy soils and the sand used to form the base of paved garden paths or foundations of houses do attract these kinds. Therefore, their nests may be found in these areas.

The problem begins when these ants start attacking your house, and there is a need for immediate pest control measures, we, your local Pest Control specialists can help. If left uncontrolled the ants numbers will grow larger and larger turning into colonies. These colonies will cause serious harm to the wooden structures and food in your house, hence the need for preventive measures.

No matter how harmful they seem to be in your home, hope is not lost as you can prevent their invasion. To start off your preventive actions, there are issues you should be familiar with. These include knowing the whereabouts of their ecosystems and the things that can attract them.


Keep your house clean especially the kitchen and the food tables as ants are mostly attracted to food. Spare food should be properly stored and held in sealed containers. Food should be well covered if not being eaten or if not eaten completely. Also, clear away your pet's food immediately when it has finished eating.

Prevent moisture from building up in your home, especially in wooden furniture and walls to avoid the ants from being attracted. Check for leaks or anything that can cause moisture to penetrate your home and ensure that the spillages are cleaned immediately.

Also, make sure that all the dust or trash bins are tightly sealed or covered. The bins and rubbish pits should be cleared to prevent food from spoiling in them hence attracting ants.

Lastly after noticing some of the black garden ant's trails block off the entry points by sealing all cracks and crevices around your doors and window frames.

It will have become more clear to you and your family that involving one of our Avon Pest Control professionals becomes imperative when the black garden ant nest is too close to your home or i.e. inside the wall voids

Otherwise, prevention is better than cure hence the need for it before the attack becomes destructive.

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