Some usefull tips to prevent a black garden ant infestation in Yorkshire.

Black garden ants are a common nuisance in and around Yorkshire. In fact, these ants do possess powerful bites - and tend to swarm and prey on other common insects. Like all ants, black  garden varieties are attracted by food and even waste There have even been instances of these ants ripping open garbage bags for food on pickup days. With this in mind, you need the experts at Avon Pest Control to rid your home or business of these critters and pests. With years of extensive industry experience, we can provide the right pesticides and defenses to keep these ants out of any property.

Preventative Tips for Ant Infestation

When it comes to black or other ant mounds, we can easily eliminate these structures with cutting-edge pesticides and powders. We also prevent ants from entering your property - by eliminating them within the mound itself. This includes the Queen, along with their young and other insects. While we specialize in mound and ant removal, there are a few ways to prevent infestation inside or outside your home. These includes:

•    Keeping garbage bags sealed and tight within containers. Leaving bags out on their own can attract ants and other insects - or small animals - due to presence of food and rubbish.
•    Make sure to seal all your containers inside your home or business. Again, ants are always on the prowl for open containers with foods or crumbs, which they bring back to their young and colonies.
•    Work with your landscaper or gardener to spray your gardens, yards, and lawns with generic pesticides. While this can secure temporary relief - only we at Avon Pest Control have the right tools, expertise and equipment to completely eradicate ant infestations from your Yorkshire homes and businesses.

Avon Pest Control is your premier pest control company in the Yorkshire. Whether dealing with wasp, hornet, bee, ant, or vermin infestation - we have the expertise to safely and efficiently remove these critters from your home. We also specialize in sticky pads for basements, crawl spaces, and garages - along with blocking off access routes for small animals and insects into your home. With free service estimates and the latest in ant control techniques and sprays, let us take care of all your Yorkshire pest problems today.

With temperatures beginning to soar, expect to see plenty of black garden ant mounds around in the Yorkshire area. One phone call to 01789 293 463 or e-mail to is all you need to get the best ant and pest control services in your area. Get the ball rolling today by simply visiting our website:

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