This years warm winter predicts black garden ant surges, are you ready?

Black garden ant infestation are happening currently across most of the Yorkshire County. This is mainly due to the warm temperatures we experienced last winter, which have truly taken the many areas across the UK by storm and surprise. From back garden ant mounds to full scale surges, these small pests are now causing havoc across a myriad of residential and commercial establishments.

These infestations are getting to be a real nuisance for home and property owners, along with landscapers and gardeners in the Greater Yorkshire area. With this in mind, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to effectively eradicate these pets from your life. From mound powders and removal to cutting-edge insecticides, we can easily delete these ants - and their Queens and young - within time and budget.

Yorkshire Pest and Ant Control Services

Black garden ants are a real nuisance and usually appear to be more prominent where people life in  warmer climate zones. However, these critters can easily be stopped by Avon Pest Control.

In fact, we have provided the best ant and pest control services across Yorkshire County for years. This includes regular spraying of residential and commercial establishments, along with ant mound removals and sticky pads. The latter, of course, are placed within garages -basements - and crawl spaces where ants love to congregate and plan missions for food and prey. We stop them in their tracks - by spraying effective pesticides inside and out of your home or business. We also eliminate mounds by innovative and airy pesticides, which are designed to eliminate the Queen and her offspring.

Warm Temperatures Means More Ants

Like some other species, black garden ants tend to love favor and thrive in warm and arid temperatures. This gives them the right climate to build mounds, while hunting for prey and insects or lizards of all sizes for food. Avon Pest Control puts an immediate halt to their activities by spraying their abodes with effective pesticides. We are also able to block any access routes - in homes or offices - for ants, insects, and even vermin and small animals.

Our comprehensive - yet affordable - services continue to receive great reviews across Yorkshire and the UK. While there is nothing we can do to stop ants from migrating or building new colonies -we are able to deal with them onsite and within budget. If your home or business has been infested by ants or mice, simply give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

With temperatures beginning to rise, black garden ant surges will happen across Yorkshire. One phone call to 01926 632 929 or e-mail is all you need to get the best ant and pest control services in the Yorkshire area or simply visit us on to request a free quote or consultation.

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