Monday, 29 May 2017

Are Bedbugs Becoming More Resistant To Pesticides? What Can I Do?


Bedbugs in the home can be a big problem. In fact, they tend to go unnoticed for a long time because they are by nature elusive. They are more commonly found in hotels and other social places so if you see bedbugs in your home you should think back to the last time you spent the night away from home - that is probably where you got them from. Bedbugs hide in the darkest corners of your home - you will find them in the nooks and crannies of beds and other furniture and they only come out to feed at night. They leave nasty itchy bumps and if you don't deal with them right away they can soon become an infestation.

The reason why bedbug populations in homes skyrocket is because homeowners usually attempt to deal with infestations using local pesticides. Unfortunately, bedbugs are becoming increasingly resistant to these - you may kill a few of them this way but the majority of them will live on. Take into account the fact that they lay thousands of eggs and you will see how sooner or later your home will be run over. Since they can survive for 3 or 4 days without food their populations thrive even more.

Does this mean that it is impossible to kill bedbugs in the home? Not quite. You can deal with a bedbug infestation by calling in professional pest exterminators. They usually have stronger chemicals than the ones that are available in supermarkets that kill both the bedbugs and their eggs.

They also have equipment that will reach into all the dark corners of furniture where the bugs hide and get rid of all of them. Better yet they will make sure that you don't get an infestation again for a long time.

One such company is Avon Pest Control. They have offices in Leamington Spa and Stratford-Upon-Avon and they serve homes in Leamington Spa, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Kenilworth, Warwick, Coventry & surrounding areas. They have the very latest in extermination equipment and they use chemicals that eradicate bedbugs for a long time.

They are also very discreet - your neighbors will not know that you are having an extermination done. You can rely on them to be professional and courteous and they work fast so to make your home infestation free.

You can find out more about Avon Pest Control on their website,

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The black garden ant season is only a few weeks away, are you ready?

With summer just around the corner black garden ants pests will soon be with us. These are the ants that swarm homes and gardens all over England in the warm months. Black garden ants, like any other ants, build nests underground and their numbers usually multiply in summer because that is when they mate, lay eggs that hatch into larvae and then mature into adults. In nature these ants feed on nectar - the sweet stuff that is produced by flowers, but when their numbers increase, like they do in summer, there isn't enough to feed the colony, and so they look for alternative food sources.

The first place they will head into is your kitchen, looking for anything sweet that may have been left out in the open. It can be some spilt juice, a spot of jam, uncovered sugar or even bits of cake. It takes one ant to make the discovery. As soon as it does it has its fill and then heads back to the nest to "tell" the others. It will leave a pheromone trail so that it can find its way back to the food source with its colony-mates, and soon they will all be in your kitchen looking for food everywhere.

That is not the only problem with black garden ants. When they decide to form their colonies in the foundation of your home they will eat through the concrete literally turning it into sand. This expands cracks on the floor and if they ants are not dealt with over time you will eventually have property damage.

The problem with black garden ants is that they are extremely hard to get rid of. You can eliminate them from your garden using pesticides but that would probably mean killing the plants as well. In your house, however, you can easily keep them out by creating a barrier.

A professional extermination company can do this for you. They will spray a mild chemical all around the home that will stop the ants from coming in. They will also spray the foundation to make sure that ants do not build a home there.

One company that can do that for you is Avon Pest Control. They do black garden ant extermination in Leamington Spa, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Kenilworth, Warwick, Coventry & surrounding areas. You can find out more on their website,

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Are you fearing the posion-resistant rats and mice in your home or business?

Yorkshire County is synonymous with fine residential and business establishments. In fact, there are plenty of new properties that accentuate vintage and historic homes and stores across the region.

As beautiful as Yorkshire is - the county is not exempt from rats and mice infestation. Remember, the area is also home to several parks, trees and wooded areas; all breeding grounds for rats and mice.

These vermin, of course, find their way into local homes and businesses through all types of openings. They also love to feed on crumbs, as well as open containers of food. As your premier pest control specialists, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to safely and efficiently remove these critters from your properties.

Poison- Resistant Rats - What to Do?

Rats and mice are now becoming poison resistant across the world. In fact, this growing phenomenon is not just relegated to England or Europe. So many studies have been pouring in on how vermin have adapted to certain poisons and pesticides - to the point where these countermeasures do not affect them anymore.

According to leading researchers, their resistance stems from - already existing - infectious diseases within their bodies and cells. Rats and mice are now able to survive despite bait traps, sticky pads, and other pest control measures. So what does this mean for property owners in Yorkshire? Well, Avon Pest Control now features new ways to permanently trap and eliminate rats and mice from your life. Our techniques now include:

•    Stronger pesticides and poisons that are guaranteed to eliminate rats, mice, vermin and their young.

•    Pesticides that bypass any defenses within rats and mice, while tackling their central nervous systems and eradicating them within minutes.

•    Larger and more effective sticky pads with poison, as well as traps and blocking off entrance and exit routes.

•    Complete elimination of all mice and rodent colonies within a timely, professional, and lasting manner.

•    Spraying your home or business with the latest in anti-rodent repellents, along with the newest pesticides that are more effective in eliminating these nocturnal creatures from your properties.

The Avon Pest Control Guarantee

Avon Pest Control is committed to protecting you and your loved ones from rat and mice infestation.

From Yorkshire homes and schools to businesses, we guarantee complete pest control services at cost-affordable rates. We also go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure these vermin do not return to your homes or businesses.

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

The British National Pest Awareness Week

Avon Pest Control is a reputable and seasoned pest control company in the UK. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to meet the needs of all our clients across Yorkshire and other areas. From rodents and birds to silverfish and termites, we also continue to deliver timely and efficient pest removal services across the country. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation or service appointment. As pest control experts, we are also proud to participate in next month's National Pest Awareness Week.

National Pest Awareness Week takes place Monday June 5 through Sunday June 11 this year. This is a great opportunity for us - as pest control professionals - to showcase the importance of pest management solutions for all residential and business owners. We also network with community partners is bringing awareness to pest control -especially as it relates to infestation and health issues for loved ones and domesticated pets. From the latest in pest control techniques to promotional discounts and specials, Avon Pest Control will truly be at the center of this year's Pest Awareness Week and activities.

Why You Should Participate in Pest Awareness Week?

In previous years, Avon Pest Control has volunteered with non-profit organizations by offering free pest control services and information. We also help educate and inform the public about the fundamentals of on-site pest control for homes, businesses, warehouses, and other venues across the UK. As always, there will be several charitable and philanthropic organizations involved in raising money for non-profits organisations as well.

This is a great time for you to be a part of something truly special and unique. In fact, we at Avon Pest Control urge local companies to participate and reap the benefits of vital pest management and control services. With your participation, we are able to educate community groups, environmental groups, and home or business organisations on the importance of pest control for health and disease prevention. In fact, our services have always extended to area food banks, homeless shelters, and other venues that may be missing out on mandatory pest management services.

Pest Awareness Week Activities

As always, Avon Pest Control will be very busy during this year's National Pest Awareness Week. However, we are never too busy to take care of your pest problems and issues. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail to discuss pest control services and treatments in and out of Yorkshire. We look forward to helping you today!

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bird problems, making your life hell?

Yorkshire is home to several residential and commercial establishments. It is also a haven for birds, pigeons and all types of animals and creatures. While it's great to watch birds in their natural habitats and niches - the last thing property owners want is for these animals to build nests in their homes or businesses. In fact, Yorkshire continues to experience nesting problems all over the city and suburbs.

No truer is this than for pigeons and starlings, which continue to cause property damages and severe noise pollution. As your premier bird control company in Yorkshire, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to safely and efficiently remove these animals for your home or business.

Avon Bird Control - How it is done

We, Avon Pest Control are a seasoned and reputable company with years of extensive pest control experience. In fact, we have and continue to remove pigeons and starlings from countless properties across Yorkshire. Our method is very simple and guaranteed to handle even the largest bird or pigeon infestations. As part of our control process, we utilize safe measures to prevent any unfortunate situations or outcomes. These include:

•    Complete analysis and assessment of your bird, pigeon or starling problem. We check basements, attics, crawlspaces, and all exteriors and interiors for nests, eggs, and droppings.
•    Our certified pest control experts block off any entrance and exit routes birds are using to enter your properties.
•    We remove all nests - with eggs and young -and hand them over to Yorkshire animal control experts and teams.
•    We also direct birds to fly out of your property, while ensuring the job is done right across the board.
•    Sadly, some birds may be lost in the process - especially ravens, crows, hawks, or other birds that are known to attack humans and domesticated pets. However, Avon Pest Control works diligently to prevent any unfortunate circumstances - while saving birds of all breeds during the removal process.

Your Complete Bird Control Solution

We at Avon Pest Control are committed to protecting your home and business from bird or pigeon infestation. We utilize safe nets, along with certain traps that temporarily hold these pests until removal. We also remove birds from rooftops, trees, garages, and all areas that are experiencing infestation. While birds are true miracles of Mother Nature, they can be loud and noisy pests throughout the night. In fact, mass breeding can also result in a number of diseases - especially when it comes to bats and starlings. With this in mind, you just need one phone call or e-mail for the best pest control services in Yorkshire.

One phone call or e-mail is all you need to get the best pest control services in your area.

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