The black garden ant season is only a few weeks away, are you ready?

With summer just around the corner black garden ants pests will soon be with us. These are the ants that swarm homes and gardens all over England in the warm months. Black garden ants, like any other ants, build nests underground and their numbers usually multiply in summer because that is when they mate, lay eggs that hatch into larvae and then mature into adults. In nature these ants feed on nectar - the sweet stuff that is produced by flowers, but when their numbers increase, like they do in summer, there isn't enough to feed the colony, and so they look for alternative food sources.

The first place they will head into is your kitchen, looking for anything sweet that may have been left out in the open. It can be some spilt juice, a spot of jam, uncovered sugar or even bits of cake. It takes one ant to make the discovery. As soon as it does it has its fill and then heads back to the nest to "tell" the others. It will leave a pheromone trail so that it can find its way back to the food source with its colony-mates, and soon they will all be in your kitchen looking for food everywhere.

That is not the only problem with black garden ants. When they decide to form their colonies in the foundation of your home they will eat through the concrete literally turning it into sand. This expands cracks on the floor and if they ants are not dealt with over time you will eventually have property damage.

The problem with black garden ants is that they are extremely hard to get rid of. You can eliminate them from your garden using pesticides but that would probably mean killing the plants as well. In your house, however, you can easily keep them out by creating a barrier.

A professional extermination company can do this for you. They will spray a mild chemical all around the home that will stop the ants from coming in. They will also spray the foundation to make sure that ants do not build a home there.

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