Sunday, 30 July 2017

Rats and Mice hiding in your home or business?

Rats and mice are known to spread germs and carry infectious diseases.

In fact, they love to congregate and breed in warm and arid areas as well.

This is why there may be vermin hiding in your Warwickshire homes or businesses.

At Avon Pest Control, we have the tools and expertise to safely rid your home of all mice, rats and other vermin. With proven techniques and industry-leading pesticides, we have helped numerous property owners in Warwickshire with their pest problems.

One phone call to 01926 632 929 or e-mail is all you need to schedule a service appointment and receive a free quote.

Rat and Mice Infestation - What to Do?

Warwickshire is synonymous with tree-lined streets and homes. There are plenty of businesses and schools in the area as well.

While this is great for the community, any bustling area can be havens for rats and mice.

No truer is this than when it comes to homes with attics, basements and crawlspaces.

These areas are breeding grounds for rats and mice - and you can confirm this simply by looking for gnawed pieces of wood or insulation.

Mice and rat droppings can also be found in these sections of your home, apartment or business.

However, the main signal is scratching and moving sounds at night - which is a sure sign that you may be experiencing rat and mice infestation.

At Avon Pest Control, we utilize the following techniques to prevent rats and mice from gaining a foothold in your property:

•    Block off all entrance and exit routes that mice and rats travel along.
•    Spray pesticides that eliminate vermin - and their young - onsite.
•    Use large sticky bait pads and traps for timely eradication of mice and rats.
•    Utilize bait that enables rats to feed on them, while taking it back to their colonies for extermination.
•    Safely and carefully removing any dead vermin from your homes; we use vermin detection equipment to check for rats and mice hiding within walls, basements, crawlspaces and even Sheetrock.

The Avon Pest Control Guarantee

Avon Pest Control is your premier pest control agency in Warwickshire.

We continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews across the board.

This is because we are genuinely concerned about the health and safety of all our new and existing clients. We also go above and beyond to ensure all pests, critters, and vermin are removed from your homes and businesses - once and for all!

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Pigeon and starling pest problems debunked!

Pigeons and starlings may be cute to look at while in flight.

However, these birds carry infectious diseases and are known for spreading germs.

In Warwickshire, there are thousands of pigeons that have made government, residential and commercial buildings their homes.

Pigeons and starlings love to build nests in high areas -which allow them to breed and procreate at alarming rates.

While they do not possess an attack-based threat like rats and mice, these pets need to be contained or infestation will occur.

At Avon Pest Control, we offer the best techniques and solutions to deal with pigeon or starling infestation problems.

Avon Pigeon and Starlings Control Services

In Warwickshire, pigeons are called rats with wings - due to the many infectious diseases they carry.

This includes 'Chiamdiosis', a virus similar to influenza, and 'Psittacosis', similar to pneumonia.

Believe it or not, pigeons can spread these diseases with their droppings and feathers - but especially by congregating in large numbers.

According to recent statistics, the pigeon problem in the UK is an incredible mess to say the least.

In fact, it costs up to £15 million to clean up pigeon droppings and deposits across the nation.

With this in mind, Avon Pest Control offers the following techniques to rid any residential, business or even city government property of pigeons and starlings:

•    Large nets that trap pigeons - and their young - for immediate and safe removal. These birds are handed over to local animal control shelters.

•    Blocking off entrance - exit routes that pigeons love to fly in and out of.

•    Using pesticides - which may be harsh - but necessary in removing entire pigeon and starling colonies. However, we do our best to salvage and protect all birds and their young during the process.

•    Immediate removal of pigeons from attics, home shingles, rafters, basements, and crawlspaces. We temporarily open up exit routes so they can fly away.

•    In the case of mass pigeon infestation - which can attract other dangerous birds of prey - we utilize pesticides and bait traps to remove these birds from your home or office buildings.

The Avon Pest Control Experience

Avon Pest Control is committed to protecting the environment.

However, there are times when even the most beautiful birds can cause havoc and damages in homes and businesses.

We carefully try to eliminate birds in a safe and friendly manner.

However, there are times when we have to take more aggressive actions - especially when it comes to birds with dangerous diseases and germs.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

What is the Flying Ants Day?

With summer upon us, black garden ants infestations are at an all time high.

In fact, Warwickshire homes and businesses are seeing more black ant mounds and activities throughout the county.

Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to rid your property of all types and breeds of ants. This includes fumigating your home or office interiors, along with aerial pesticides that eliminate ants within their mounds.

We also utilize sticky pads, as well as bait - which ants feed on - then take back to their colonies for immediate eradication. A phone call to 01789 293 463 or e-mail is all it takes to schedule a service appointment or receive a free quote from Avon Pest Control.

Flying Ants Day

Flying Ants Day 2017 has arrived throughout the Warwickshire County.

While not technically a specific day, it is a time - during the summer - when black ants sprout wings and take to the skies.

They are looking for queen ants to start new colonies, which means more ant infestation and mounds popping up all over the place.

According to leading entomologists, now is the time where flying black ants are everywhere - and there seems to be no way to get rid of all of them.

While the latter may be true, Avon Pest Control utilizes industry-leading pesticides that eliminate ants and their young onsite. This helps prevent flying ants from even getting off the ground in search of new queens and colonies.

Why Choose Avon Pest Control?


Avon Pest Control has tackled ant infestation problems in Warwickshire for years.

We are a reputable and seasoned company that is committed to excellence in all services.

Whether dealing with red ants, black ants or even hybrid breeds - we can eliminate these pests and critters within time and budget.

Our highly-dedicated pest control experts also check basements, crawlspaces and all areas where ants may roam or procreate.

While you should always contact us for any pest control services and treatments, here are a few ways to prevent an ant infestation in your home, business or office:

•    Avoid leaving crumbs or open containers in your kitchen. Ants love to feed on these food particles and bring it back to their young and colonies.
•    You can use generic pesticides for temporary assistance.
However, only Avon Pest Control should be called in to take care of entire ant mounds, colonies and infestation throughout Warwickshire.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Need help identifying the pest in your home?

Avon Pest Control is a seasoned and reputable pest control company in Warwickshire.

From flies and fleas to rodents and bats - we have the tools and expertise to safely rid any home or business of these pests. We utilize only the latest in cutting-edge pesticides, along with bait traps, sticky pads and much more.

At AvonPest Control, we are committed to excellence in all pest control services.

This includes complimentary consultations, free service quotes, and maintenance plans for your home or commercial establishment.

Our passion speaks for itself - and this is why we continue to be the preferred pest control firm for so many residents and businesses owners across the UK.

Pest Identification Services




Avon Pest Control is a proud member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

This organization is the central portal for pest control agencies, contractors and companies in the UK.

From informative articles to blogs and news reports - the BPCA covers everything pest and vermin related. This includes detailed listings - with photos - on all known pests, insects and critters in and out of the UK.

Check out this page:  for all identification needs.

With this in mind, Avon Pest Control has the knowledge to identify any pests that are infesting your homes.

While we use special detection equipment for birds, bats, and vermin - we are also able to pinpoint the exact species and breeds of the pests you are dealing with.

This allows us to:

•    Secure the best pest control services and pesticides specific to the insect at hand.
•    Save time by utilizing proven techniques that eradicates the pest or pests onsite; pesticides, bait, sticky pads, blocking off entrance/exit routes, etc.
•    Inform the BPCA about any hybrid insects, as well as pests that we have never seen before. As you know, there are literally thousands of insect breeds that have never been seen by the human eye.

Avon Pest Control Experts

Avon Pest Control offers pest eradication services for all residential and commercial properties.

We also offer convenient maintenance and spraying programs, which is a great way to keep your property pest-free year round.

With free estimates and important information on summer pest infestations at our site, we are truly the UK's premier pest control agency.

From ants and mice to rats and even bed bugs, we are proud to help Warwickshire residents and business owners with professional pest control services.

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