Rats and Mice hiding in your home or business?

Rats and mice are known to spread germs and carry infectious diseases.

In fact, they love to congregate and breed in warm and arid areas as well.

This is why there may be vermin hiding in your Warwickshire homes or businesses.

At Avon Pest Control, we have the tools and expertise to safely rid your home of all mice, rats and other vermin. With proven techniques and industry-leading pesticides, we have helped numerous property owners in Warwickshire with their pest problems.

One phone call to 01926 632 929 or e-mail is all you need to schedule a service appointment and receive a free quote.

Rat and Mice Infestation - What to Do?

Warwickshire is synonymous with tree-lined streets and homes. There are plenty of businesses and schools in the area as well.

While this is great for the community, any bustling area can be havens for rats and mice.

No truer is this than when it comes to homes with attics, basements and crawlspaces.

These areas are breeding grounds for rats and mice - and you can confirm this simply by looking for gnawed pieces of wood or insulation.

Mice and rat droppings can also be found in these sections of your home, apartment or business.

However, the main signal is scratching and moving sounds at night - which is a sure sign that you may be experiencing rat and mice infestation.

At Avon Pest Control, we utilize the following techniques to prevent rats and mice from gaining a foothold in your property:

•    Block off all entrance and exit routes that mice and rats travel along.
•    Spray pesticides that eliminate vermin - and their young - onsite.
•    Use large sticky bait pads and traps for timely eradication of mice and rats.
•    Utilize bait that enables rats to feed on them, while taking it back to their colonies for extermination.
•    Safely and carefully removing any dead vermin from your homes; we use vermin detection equipment to check for rats and mice hiding within walls, basements, crawlspaces and even Sheetrock.

The Avon Pest Control Guarantee

Avon Pest Control is your premier pest control agency in Warwickshire.

We continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews across the board.

This is because we are genuinely concerned about the health and safety of all our new and existing clients. We also go above and beyond to ensure all pests, critters, and vermin are removed from your homes and businesses - once and for all!

For more information on rat and mice pest control services, simply contact us today or visit our website at: http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/pestControl/miceAndRats/

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