How-to safely remove bees and wasps from your home?

Wasps and bees send fear into the hearts of even the bravest of souls. Known for their powerful stings, these critters tend to procreate and congregate at alarming rates. At Avon Pest Control, we have the tools to safely remove bees, wasps and their enclaves from your homes and businesses.

From bee hive to wasp colony removal, we utilize cutting-edge pesticides and techniques to eradicate these dangerous pests onsite. Our wasp pest control services are also designed to prevent future infestations in homes and businesses across the Warwickshire County and the UK.

EU Draft and Bee Protection - What to Know?

Due to the diminishing number of bees and colonies across the world, the EU has recently mandated several measures to protect existing bees and their young.

However, there is also an internal struggle between bees for control over nectar and pollination of plants. No truer is this than in the UK, which has seen bee-on-bee attacks soaring across the nation.

While Avon Pest Control strictly abides by all EU Draft regulations and rules pertaining to bee protection - we also continue to do our business as usual. After all, bees are dangerous insects that can cause fatalities in humans and domesticated pets - especially during swarm attacks.

With this in mind, here is how Avon Pest Control maintains its integrity with bee and wasp removal but still follows the country's latest guidelines:

•    Avon Pest Control utilizes the best control techniques to safely gather and remove bees and their hives.
•    We salvage entire colonies by handing them over to local bee keepers and entomology experts in Warwickshire.
•    Our pesticides are designed to eliminate dangerous colonies -especially those that have been swarming other colonies or attacking humans and domesticated pets.
•    We also remove wasp mudpacks from residential or commercial exteriors and interiors - basements, crawlspaces, ceilings, garages, etc.
•    We analyze and assess your bee and wasp infestation problem - allowing us to determine the best ways to eradicate or save the colonies for bee keeping purposes.

The Avon Pest Control Experience

Avon Pest Control is a seasoned and reputable company in the UK. In fact, we continue to receive great reviews for our timely and affordable pest control services. We also offer convenient pest control maintenance programs, and always work hard to protect the health and safety of all our customers. If you are experiencing a bee or wasp problem, we  are always here to take care of the problem!

For more information on bee and wasp control, simply contact us or visit:

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