Meet Tom, The 'Purr'-Fect answer to Warwickshire's Squeaking problems!


Rats and mice are no strangers to homes and businesses across Warwickshire County.

However, Avon Pest Control remains a seasoned and reputable company that can eradicate these rodents from your properties.

From sticky pads and traps to pesticides and blocking entrances - exit routes, we truly have the tools and expertise to eliminate mice and rats from your dwellings.

In fact, our vermin control services are heralded for securing maximum results across the board.

One phone call to 01926 632 929 or e-mail to is all you need to get the best rodent and pest control services across the UK and or Warwickshire.

Things That Go Squeak in the Night

We all know the tale of the famed cartoon "Tom and Jerry".

Tom, of course, loves to seek Jerry out and try to have him for dinner any chance he can get.

However, Jerry is always too swift for Tom the Cat - and practically gets away all the time.

While this remains one of the most popular cartoons ever, there is a lot of substance and truth behind the comic strip.

For one, cats do have the ability to exactly pinpoint the locations of mice and rodents - especially those hiding within walls, Sheetrock, floorboards, cabinetry and more.

With this in mind, Avon Pest Control utilizes cutting-edge rodent detection equipment that truly rivals any cat or feline's senses and instincts.

This enables us to catch mice and rats - where they congregate and breed - and safely dispose of them onsite.

We also spray leading pesticides, as well as use bait traps to capture and eliminate these dangerous pests.

While Tom and Jerry is just a cartoon, a recent true story about a cat named Tom helping his pest control technician has gone viral.

While there is no "cat hunting mouse" division at Avon Pest Control, we do employ similar techniques to prevent rodent infestation and protect your loved ones and property.

Avon Rat and Mice Control Services

At Avon Pest Control, we are committed to excellence in all mice and rat control services. We also offer complimentary consultations for all new and existing clients.

As always, we advise our customers on the best ways to prevent rodent infestation within their homes and businesses.

This includes simple tips like closing food containers, along with blocking off entrance paths; garages, windows, Sheetrock cracks, etc.

If you are tired of things that go squeak in the night, let us take care of all your rodent problems and issues today!

For more information on rodent control services, simply visit:

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