How to Keep Pigeons and Starlings Away From Your Home?

Avon, UK - October 22, 2017- Avon Pest Control is an industry leader in pest control services.

From wasps to bees and ants to bedbugs and rodents, we specialise in tackling infestations of all kinds of residential and commercial pest in properties across Warwickshire.

With extensive industry experience, the company continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews.

While Avon Pest Control can truly rid your home of all pests and critters, we also offer safe and efficient pest disposal services for Starlings and Pigeons.

Starlings and Pigeons are some of the most tenacious birds, our Starling and Pigeons removal and disposal services are leading in Warwickshire, and many homeowners do not want these birds in their back yards. This is because they are noisy, they leave droppings that can lead to property damage and they are also aggressive - they kill other birds without hesitation. Even worse, these birds are aggressive breeders - what was just a few starlings can turn into a flock in a few months, and once they find a habitat it is very hard to make them leave. There are, however, certain things that you can do to keep them away.

The first is your choice of bird feeders. If you like to feed birds you may also be attracting Starlings and Pigeons but there are feeders that are built specifically to keep them away. You will find that tube feeders with small perches or mesh and domed feeders are not attractive for Starlings. They are also not very good upside-down feeders so you can try that too.

There are certain foods that Starlings are very fond of and if you can avoid throwing those in your back yard you will keep Starlings and Pigeons away. If you are in the habit of throwing food scraps in your back yard it will not be long before you see these birds flocking there. Make sure that all food remains go in the food disposal or the rubbish bin.  Keep the bin covered to restrict access. Starlings also like cracked corn so avoid having that in your backyard as well. There are certain seeds that they don't like but which are perfectly acceptable to other bird species - try leaving out Nyjer, Safflower seeds, nectar and whole peanuts. Other species will be happy to feed on these but not Starlings and Pigeons.

Fruit trees can also attract Starlings especially when the fruit is ripe or falls to the ground. If you have fruit trees in your back yard you should cover them with thin netting to keep these birds away. If fruit falls to the ground it should be collected as soon as possible and discarded in the right manner. Keep pet food indoors - these active birds love it and you may soon find them flocking to your back yard.

Pruning also helps as it gets rid of places where they can roost comfortably - Starlings and Pigeons like thick foliage so if you thin trees they are less likely to come.

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