Which Common Pest can Trigger Allergic Reactions?

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Spring is around the corner and many homes and businesses in Warwickshire and Yorkshire are doing seasonal cleaning.

However, the spring season also sees pest triggered allergic reactions across the city and country.

Bug-related allergies affect people of all ages - with symptoms ranging from watery eyes and rashes to extreme itching.

With this in mind, we at Avon Pest Control can service your home and business with the best in insecticides and pest-control techniques.

From silverfish and bedbugs to wasps and hornets, there are several species that can cause harmful allergic reactions in humans - and even pests and we at Avon Pest Control are experts at removing them.

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Let's take a look at some of the most common pests that trigger these problems.

Dust Mites

stop itch text on handDust mites are notorious for causing allergic reactions in humans. This is due to proteins contained in their droppings, along with the dead bodies of mites as well. Allergic symptoms include inflammation of the nose, lungs and eyes. These are very similar to pollen allergies, and you should consult with your doctor about which medications to prevent or tackle these reactions. Similarly, you need to contact Avon Pest Control so we can rid your home or office of these harmful pests. We can also ensure a dust-mite free bed for any property - and we usually check for these critters during the spring and summer months.

cartoon of angry cockroachCockroaches

Cockroaches usually cause allergic symptoms due to their feces and saliva. Similarly, dead cockroaches can also be the root of the problem - and you must contact us to service your property at once.

However, cockroaches are a year round problem and not seasonal like dust mites.

This is all the more incentive to have Avon Pest Control exterminate your home and/or office for these daytime and nocturnal pests.

Cockroach allergies also result in coughing, nasal congestion, sinus infections and ear infections.

Wheezing and skin rashes are synonymous with cockroach allergies as well.

These bugs are even known to cause asthma and respiratory attacks in people.

It is best to see your doctor or emergency service at ones if allergies begin to flair up and cause health problems.

It is also best to let the experts at Avon Pest Control intervene if you suspect a family member might get an allergic reactions caused by any pest.in your Warwickshire or Yorkshire home or business.

With years of extensive industry experience, we are always here for you and yours.


wasp nest hanging on beamWasps can also cause allergies in humans and pets.

In fact, a single sting can become a life-threatening issue.

For those allergic to wasp stings, they must carry their epinephrine shots at all time.

Remember, even if you were stung by a wasp and nothing happened - allergies can be acquired over time. Avon Pest Control has the tools and experience to remove dangerous wasps and hornet nests.

We also offer convenient and affordable pest control maintenance plans for all new and existing customers.

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